Wednesday, November 07, 2012

You are God ALONE!!!

I sit here with such a heavy heart...but a joyous, hopeful heart!!!!!!!!

1 month ago today, our beautiful Zemirah went home to be with the Lord.  We were mere weeks away from her can it be a month already...there are many split-seconds that I still find myself anticipating her arrival but then the sting of reality quickly reminds me...

So many other things are on my heart, too...real life, every day things....

I do have hope...I do have joy...not so many words today...this song speaks to the deepest parts of my the deepest truths I stand on....

You are not a god 
Created by human hands 
You are not a god Dependant on any mortal man 
You are not a god 
In need of anything we can give 

By Your plan, that's just the way it is 
You are God alone
From before time began

You were on Your throne

Your are God alone

And right now 

In the good times and bad 

You are on Your throne 
You are God alone 
You're the only God 
Whose power none can contend 
You're the only God 
Whose name and praise will never end 
You're the only God 
Who's worthy of everything we can give 
You are God 
And that's just the way it is 
That's what You are 

Sunday, November 04, 2012



TODAY...churches across the GLOBE are raising awareness about the orphan crisis...YES...IT IS A CRISIS!!!! Families are sharing their stories...eyes are being opened...hearts are being stirred! 


Today...many will be challenged to answer God's CLEAR COMMANDMENT to care for the orphan...

Today...many will choose to hear and not act. 

Join us in praying for the orphan today...
Join us in praying that the Lord moves mightily within the church...
Join us in praying that EVERYDAY is Orphan Sunday so that children will NO LONGER have to live without a FOREVER FAMILY!!! 
Join us in praying that the church will step up and CARE FOR THE ORPHAN!!! 

It's not a complicated task...God has already laid it out in scripture...we need to act on it

God created children to be in families...NOT institutions!  There were no orphanages or group homes in biblical times...the CHURCH CARED FOR THE ORPHAN...God CALLED the church to care for the orphan. 

HANG ON SWEET ONES...THERE IS HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope is Fading – Orphan Sunday from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.