Sunday, September 05, 2010


It's been almost 24 hours since Gotcha and Solomon is doing amazing.

So, here's how yesterday went....

We weren't really sure what day we'd be getting Solomon so once we landed and met our guide, she told us we'd be meeting our son 6 hours.  We were so excited.  After freshening up, we received a phone call telling us that our son was here and ready for us to come and get him.  We scooped all our goodies and headed to the 3rd floor of our hotel where our little guy was waiting.

We walked into a conference room and there was a little child standing there and I kept thinking, "that's not him...they brought us the wrong baby".  Trying to stay calm, I started looking all over the room and there wasn't any other children but then, this precious little boy...the sweet little one that we've been longing for for so long came running in with a huge smile, pulling the orphanage director into the room.  He came straight up to Paul and I & was all smiles until they told us to pick him up :)

He did cry for a little bit but once daddy busted out the toys, he was good to go :)  He hasn't cried since.  He is very much the smiley, giggly little guy that he was in all of the pictures we received while waiting for him.

We were told today that Solomon was very excited to have a mommy and daddy.  He told them he didn't want to nap because he wanted to meet his mommy and daddy.

Today, we finalized the adoption...YAY!!! The orphanage director and assistant asked him if he wanted to go back to the orphanage with them and he said NO & kept shaking his NO...they kept asking him and he wouldn't stop shaking his head NO!!!  He wants to stay with his mama & daddy!!! :)

To see pictures from Gotcha Day, you will have to go here...we can't get them to upload onto the blog right now.


One Happy Momma said...

Oh Stacy -

I am so excited for you guys!

Congratulations on your happy giggly boy!! Hmm, I wonder if all Fuzhou boys come that way? Ours sure did. :)

The pictures are great!

Blessings -


Linda said...

LOVE the photos of your precious boy!! How wonderful to see that he is also experiencing the JOY!

Praise God for His faithfulness. Continuing to pray for you guys!

Our family: said...

SO SO Happy for all of you!! Solomon is such a handsome little guy! I love his smile and his sweet personality just comes through those photos. And he's with his mommy and daddy!!!

Thank you Lord for bringing about this marvelous thing and adding blessings to this family!

Much love,
Lydia & family

Emma Kate's family said...

Look at his smile and sparkly eyes! Oh, he is just darling and beautiful.

And I completely agree with Linda, the JOY in those photos is palpable...from all of you!

How incredible that he would and could even voice that he didn't want to go back to the orphanage after a day away. And I'm still smiling about him not wanting to nap because he wanted to meet his Mommy and Daddy....that's YOU! :)

He sounds sweeter than sweet, and the photos are simply wonderful. What a gift to have a glimpse of it all through your words and images, Stacy.

We are praying for you all- continuously. It is so very exciting and uplifting to share in the journey via your blog.

Love and God's great peace and grace,

stephanie said...

My heart is overflowing!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!

He is beautiful!
Squeeze him for me!

Anita said...

Stacy - I couldn't WAIT to see this update about Solomon. He is PRECIOUS, CUTE, ADORABLE and just AMAZING!! I LOVE the fact that he didn't want to take a nap so he could see his momma and daddy...that IS priceless! Looks like you're all having such fun with your new SON...enjoy all the firsts with him. Praying God's continued safety and fun as you soak in God's blessings! HUGS!

Erica said...

Amazing. There are no other words. I LOVE seeing him in your arms. He seems to be doing so well. Praising our King for his incredible hand over this entire adoption. To God be the glory!

Anonymous said...

Bless the Lord! Can't wait to meet you, Solomon!
Uncle Cameron, Aunt Andrea, Robert, Melissa, Joe, Jacob, Johnny and Baby Kovacs

Jennifer and Matt said...

Yeah!!! So glad to finally see Solomon in your arms! He looks so happy! I'm so excited for y'all! We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

The Crecelius' said...

Oh those pictures made me cry...I'm so happy for your family!

Karen said...

What a beautiful smile!!!!! So happy that his transition has been smooth. Enjoy the beautiful park. The Purple Lotus restaurant is yummy too.

Debb said...

Oh my goodness! Such a JOY to see his beautiful smile! So glad things are going wonderfully for you and Solomon! God is so GOOD!

aidenalyssasgrandma said...

Yay!! I am so happy for you all. He looks so natural in your arms. Thanks for the updates he is a doll.

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Reading this has me crying tears of JOY and thankfulness for all that God has done and will continue to do for your family! We were praying he would adjust well. Glad to see you had such a pleasant beginning. Beautiful pictures. My children were so excited to see them. Alida w5

Mandie said...

Oh my goodness! He is such a darling boy and he is right where he is meant to be. Congrats!

Truly Blessed said...

Sorry to be late to the congratulations party, but we were out of town (and off the internet) for your Gotcha day -- haven't looked at the pictures yet (I will) and I know I'll just see a beautiful little guy being held by very proud and amazed parents!

Congratulations again!!!

Shelly said...

Rejoicing with you all in finally embracing sweet Solomon! Adorable, giggly boy! God is faithful and He has moved mighty mountains! Praying for your kiddos at home and for God to comfort them during this time away from you. What an incredible miracle in just a short time - I feel like I missed so much haven't checked in these last few days and then what?!? GOTCHA DAY!!!...but WOW! WOW! WOW!I'm sure the seats up front and center watching God work these miracles had to be just AMAZING! :)