Saturday, October 02, 2010

One Less..

Okay...not sure where I've been (IN CHINA...LOL) but I haven't seen this before and thought you guys would enjoy this.  It was so neat hearing Matthew West talk about what inspired him to write this song and to watch him almost struggle to find the words to share ... I told my hubby...they are SOOO going to adopt & we had to giggle at the end!!!!
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Reason For The World by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.

One less broken hearted tonight...he's HOME sleepin' in his mama & daddy's bed right's sooooo beautiful!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I: Mom....I don't think Solomon feels very good.
Me: Why, what's wrong?
I: I think his tummy hurts.
Me: Were you spinning him on the chair?
I: Yes...we were spinning him really fast.
TR: I wasn't spinning him...
I: You were spinning him faster than I did.

I pick up my boy and he's holding his tummy & laying his head on my shoulder. He then charades that he was spinning in the chair and pointing to his tummy.

(Now, they were all spinning each other...they LOVE it but apparently our boy get's motion sickness like his mama...poor bubba :) He recovered very quickly and sat & laughed & laughed at his brothers and sisters as they continued to spin each other :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How can he be home already??

It's so hard to believe that we have been home for a week with our precious Solomon.  I was thinking about the crazy journey of adoption...Solomon's journey in particular.  What a year it has been!!!  All the crazy, busy work of fundraising, the feelings of sadness because it felt like we'd never get to hold our boy, and then BAM he's home and fitting in as if he has always been here.  It's truly amazing!

I was asked the other night how has the transition from 5 kiddos to 6 been?  To be completely honest, it has been beautifully, wonderful!  I had no idea it could go this smoothly.  Solomon is truly doing fabulous.  How has been adopting an older child...again, simply amazing!  I know that every child is different but we've been blessed with such a happy little guy.  He's had some healthy grieving time which is usually comes when he's tired and doesn't want to go to bed...that's okay though, because it gives us some fabulous bonding time.  He'll curl up and cry the saddest cry, suck his thumb, and stare at his mama :)

All of the siblings are madly in-love with their new brother and spend all day giving each other a play-by-play of everything Solomon is's so cute!  They drag him all over the house and he drags them all over the house...adorable!

Communication is HILARIOUS!!!  He just jabbers and jabbers in Minnan.  He is sooooo patient and never gets mad if we don't understand.  I will say that he is the bomb when in comes charades....who needs words??

Daddy tried to go to the office on Wed. and Solomon stood by the door crying for daddy...he just kept calling, "Daddy-uhhh, Daddy-uhh) over and over.  I quickly called daddy and told him to only be gone for 2 hours and come back.  Let's just say we had one happy boy when his "daddy-uhh" walked in the door.

I will say there is nothing more precious then to hear my sleeping boy wake up calling "Mamuuhhh, Mamuuuhhh."  Sweet, beautiful sounds to my ears :)

 Swingin' on the neighbor's swing ;)

I am still so amazed at all the Lord has done for our family through each of you....I am honestly not sure that I will ever be able to completely process the beauty of this journey to our is truly incredible!!!