Friday, June 06, 2008

Childless couples rush to adopt quake orphans

Hordes of prospective parents across China have come forward to adopt the thousands of children orphaned by the massive earthquake which devastated parts of Sichuan province on May 12. An estimated 5,000 children lost their guardians in the disaster. Among the would-be parents are childless couples unable to conceive. For many, though, it’s a chance to have a rare second child in the face of China's strict one-baby policy.

There may be more people willing to adopt than orphans available, according to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs.

However, the government is urging prospective parents to remain patient as the authorities are still doing everything possible to reunite families. They want to avoid situations where parents come to claim their kids and discover they have already been adopted. Around 7,000 children have already been reunited with their parents since the disaster hit south-west Sichuan province.

Three weeks after the disaster, state TV is still showing lost children roaming around the ruins and newspapers in Sichuan continue to publish the names and photos of kids seeking their parents. But with the death toll reaching almost 70,000, for many children there is no hope of seeing their families ever again.

Meanwhile, the number of inquiries about adopting has rocketed. There are also signs the authorities might suspend strict adoption procedures for the quake orphans.

It has already been announced that childless couples who adopt a Sichuan orphan will be allowed to have a child of their own in the future. Also, families whose only child was badly injured will also be able to have another one.

Phone lines to the Sichuan Civil Affairs Department, which handles adoptions, have been jammed. It’s boys who seem to be most popular among would-be guardians. Traditionally, families prefer male heirs, who can farm the land and look after the family, especially in rural China. Having only a daughter is still considered by some as a disgrace to the family.

Meanwhile, foreign families also want to adopt quake orphans. But it’s likely that preference will be given to Chinese couples first.
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For real...we have bats!! I was sitting on the couch and I noticed something flying really, really fast by our backyard window. So, we shut-off all of the lights and all piled on the couch to see what was flying around in the backyard and it's BATS!!!

We noticed a while back that the 'birds' were having a party in our backyard at night...I'm talking like 2, 3, 4am and the 'birds' were super loud. Well, I decided to find out what bats sound like and guess what...our 'birds' are really bats and it sounds like a LOT of bats. EEEEWWWWW!!!

Here's what they sound like (cut and paste entire link in your browser):

They do this ALL night long!! We are going to set-up our camera tomorrow night on the tri-pod and try to get some pictures...we'll see :) Never thought I'd see bats in my backyard...big time city in Southern California...too funny!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reckless Faith

This is VERY, VERY powerful. It's long but soooooo worth it....please watch it to the end :) How can YOU care for the will the Lord call you...are you willing to appear "reckless"? Are you willing to be changed forever? Are you willing to let the Lord lead you to care for the fatherless? Are you willing to bring Jesus Christ to these children?

Lord cause me to live outside my comfortable box!! How can I love these babies like you do? How can I care for the orphan...what is your plan for me, Lord?

If you know me at all, you know that one of my DEEPEST passions is for the orphan. My deepest passion is to see these children in their forever homes. My deepest passion is to reach out to the one's that are not freed for adoption. Please pray for us as God continues to fire our passion for the orphans of this world. There over 143 MILLION orphans in this world (that's half the population of the USA). My heart literally races every time I mention or think on that's unfathomable! We want so desperately to be used in these children's lives so please pray that the Lord will give us clear direction!

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