Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Friends!!!

We have been sooooo blessed to have our precious friends visit for a week. Let me tell you about this sweet family and how the Lord brought us together.

I first found Lisa on our Yunnan yahoo group. We quickly realized that we would be travelling at the same time to get our girls in Kunming, Yunnan China. It was so awesome to realize how much we had in common. Our 3 older kiddos are extremely close in age, we (along with our hubby's) are the same age, our girls were in the same orphanage, AND our families both love the Lord!!! They are an awesome Christian family. As we were preparing to travel, the Lord worked in some awesome ways. We were to land in Kunming the SAME day and get our girls the SAME morning. We met up with them the night we landed and instantly clicked! The next morning we received our girls 30mins. apart and quickly found out that they were best friends and played every day together in the foster village. Talk about an amazing bond! We had a blast spending time with them in China and can't imagine not having them a part of C's story.

Since being home, we have kept in close contact and no doubt have become lifelong friends. We feel so blessed and honored to have been brought together. The girls are all we have to our girl's life in China and it's soooo cool how God has worked to keep these two girls together and to allow such an amazing friendship.

We've been having a blast playing at are a few pics...they leave in a few more days :( We love you and will miss you guys sooooo much but can't wait to take a trip to WA State in January.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pray for the Chapman Family

Please, please be praying for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Their youngest daughter died today in a tragic family accident. I am absolutely devestated for them. This happened today (Wednesday). I have no words but to simply ask for prayer!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

China Earthquake

There is no doubt that our hearts will forever be deeply attached to China. The birth country of our 4th daughter. Whenever I hear the word China, my ears begin to ring...just as if someone had called my has become so familiar and so personal to me.

It has been over a week since the massive 7.9 earthquake rocked China. My heart is so broken for the lives that have been destroyed by this earthquake and the aftermath of it. So many died simply because rescuers were unable to get to them underneath the debris. I cannot even begin to comprehend being buried alive with no hope of rescue. Thousands and thousands of people lost their many families without their only many children now orphaned without their families...rescue worker dying trying to save others. The fear of hundreds and hundreds of damaged dams just waiting to break...the large aftershocks that are never ceasing. My heart is so grieved...grieved for a nation that doesn't know our Lord...a nation that chooses other gods. Please continue to pray for the Chinese people. Pray that there would be a flood of Christian relief workers that could minister to these hurting people. Pray that this tragedy will be used to bring people into the kingdom of God.

Oh Lord, my heart is broken for this country! A country where our sweet miracle was born. Father, I pray that the people of China would bow their knees to the true Creator...the true Savior!! They need you so desperately, Lord. Bring light to this dark nation. I pray that the seeds that have been sewn will sprout during this tragic time and that the people of China will cry out to you and accept you as their Lord & Savior!

Not because of who I am but because of WHAT YOU'VE DONE
Not because of what I've done but because of WHO YOU ARE
And you've told me who I am
I am yours....I am yours, Lord!!!!!