Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puzzle Prayers for Solomon

As you are all aware, were 5-6 weeks away from travel and still need $6,950 before we can travel. CRAZY...I can't believe we are getting so close!!!

This idea came to me at the beginning of our journey and I think now is a beautiful time to start this. Thank you to my precious friend, Erica, for encouraging me to do this!!

While we waited for baby C we made a 100 Good Wishes/Scripture quilt. A beautiful reminder of everyone who loved her before she was even home. She LOVES to talk about who gave what square. It's become a very beautiful part of her story!!!

I have been thinking about this puzzle idea and how this can become an amazing part of Solomon's story. A puzzle that is put together by his family but held together with the names of everyone one that has been praying for him, loving him, & supporting his homecoming! It actually leaves me breathless to think about it...can you imagine having a 513 piece puzzle with names on the back of each piece representing all of you!! SOOO AWESOME!!
Wanna be part of
513 Prayers for our Solomon!!
Want him to know how loved he was while we were waiting for him for him to come home?

I have ordered this picture as a PUZZLE!
There are 513 pieces!!
For each piece you sponsor, YOUR NAME will be written on the back of the piece. Your prayer/scripture to Solomon will be put in a scrapbook along with a picture of the back of the puzzle so he can find what piece you sponsored.
How to sponsor a puzzle piece?
Each sponsored piece costs $ can use the chip in to donate and leave your scripture/prayer in my comments section, email it to me, or the comment section when you pay with paypal.

We will take pictures of the back of the puzzle and include them on his journal pages. Once the puzzle is completed it will be framed...hopefully we can find a double-sided glass frame!

Piece by piece our precious son
Prayer by prayer our baby boy
You will be home FOREVER so soon!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Baby S: Mama, can I pweese have sugar in it?
Mom: I don't know....
Baby S: Cause I like's good for me...
Mom: Really, it's good for you?
Baby S: Yes (like duh)...I wub sugar...I need sugar...

Don't tell baby S but I wub sugar and I need it too...LOL!!! Now my behind says otherwise!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPDATE: We could be leaving in 5-6 weeks!!
So here we are...approx. 7 weeks away from travel and $7000 away from being able to travel...what are my thoughts? Am I worried, I wonder how the rest will come?? Remember my post HERE...the post I said I would go back to a remind myself of all the Lord has's CRAZY to see how far we've come since that post just 2 months ago.

When I think through those questions I can't help but be instantly drawn to my Lord...drawn to the fact that He IS providing for this financial journey to our sweet son. The journey that began on Jan. 18, 2010...the first time we saw his precious face...we had zero...ziltch...nada...dollars to begin the process but we did have instant love, faith, confirmation, guidance, and peace from the Lord.

During these last 6.5 months God has provided in ways I could have never dreamed of...
He provided through your prayers for our family...
He provided through EACH of you tolerating all of our crazy raffles ;)
He provided through families who stumbled across our blog and felt moved to donate thousands of dollars...
He provided through our Solomon Beads...
He provided through our super cool shirt sales that took forever to come ;p
He provided OVER $19,000 in 6.5 months!!!

He did it...we didn't...He called us to Solomon and is fulfilling the promise He made to us...the promise that HE would provide IF WE TRUSTED.

So, what about the last $7000...HE WILL PROVIDE. We are honestly waiting with great excitement to see how He is going to do it...who He is going to use...How He is going to bring our baby boy home! Stay tuned and watch what our God is going to do!!! This truly is a miracle story...ALL glory to God!!

We are so thankful for each of you...for your prayers and unconditional support!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finale has ended...

The Grand Finale Raffle has ended...

Thank you to all who prayed and generously donated!!

I will email all of the entrants today with what you've won :) and ship them out asap!!

Can you believe that we raised $2600...
YOU guys are AMAZING!!


Tonight at midnight (PST)

Sorry for the confusion!!!

TONIGHT (July 28th) at
11:59 pm
the raffle will end.

You still have time :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are $8000 away...we need $8000 to be able to travel to bring Solomon home. All is still looking good for mid-September travel so that means we are 7-8 weeks away! Exciting, crazy, scary all at the same time :)

Tomorrow is it...the last day to buy your raffle tickets...
Solomon's GRAND FINALE raffle tickes...
The tickets where EVERYONE WINS!!

Every entry WINS!!!

For each $20 ticket you purchase,
you will be entered into our raffle and each ticket will win a prize!
spread the word..tell all your friends about all the cool prizes :)

Prizes include:
James 1:27 Junk Posse/Solomon bead necklace ($110 value)
"Be the Change..Adopt" Junk Posse/Solomon bead necklace ($110 value)
Panasonic Electric Shaver ($130 value)
Ipod Shuffle ($60 value)
Signed Jeremy Camp CD
Night Owl hooded towels
Children's blankets
Ladybug blanket
Solomon Beads necklaces
Solomon Bead bracelets
Solomon Bead earrings
Pure Religion T-shirts
Simply Love China T-shirts
Disney totes
$10 Itunes gift cards
$5 Starbuck gift cards
more prizes coming!!!!!