Thursday, October 07, 2010

Solomon's medical needs....

We have chosen not to share about Solomon's special medical needs out of privacy for our little man. We have prayed specifically about how to share what his needs are while protecting him.

Our hearts greatest desire is to be an example of Christ. God has called our family to adoption in a very powerful way and we want others to be challenged in their own lives, in their own family's to think, "Does God have more for us outside of our comfort zone?" Committing to Solomon's special needs would classify us as "outside of OUR comfort zone" but NOT outside GOD'S comfort zone!! Starting Solomon's adoption at a time when we were and still are greatly struggling financially was also 'outside of our comfort zone' BUT God's comfort zone is so much greater than ours...THANKFULLY!! He purposely calls us outside of our comfort, cozy, skatin' by zone so that He can stretch us, challenge us, & move us boldly for that we can be used and changed mightily.

I am sharing this very private part of our son's life with the hopes that his story...our family's story would challenge you. My heart feels that there is a family RIGHT NOW on the brink of making a huge decision but are afraid to step out in faith & trust the Lord...THAT is why I am sharing this. I am confident that the second you read this post, you will know who you are & what the Lord wants you to do & you will be able to take that leap of faith in God's perfect peace!!

Our family is asking you to please handle our son's story with great respect. Especially those of you who know us personally...this is not a time to begin gossiping! The enemy would love to take something wonderful and have it cause hurt. We have struggled with how much we should share and when we should share it but feel that now is the time.

Solomon was born with imperforate anus. You can read more about this medical need here. Interesting fact: 1 in 5,000 babies are born with this defect!!! The medical information in his referral was pretty much non-existent. We committed to him on pure faith that the Lord would give us everything we need to meet his medical needs. What we know...well, kind of know: We assume that some time shortly after he was found, he had the first repair surgery. We also know that when he was 1 years old, they removed his colostomy bag and he was supposedly good to go. There is a wide range of other medical needs that can come with this birth defect and we are in the very beginning stages of knowing what exactly is going on with our little guy.

One other thing I want to share...we have prayed for the last 9 months about how, when, & what we would share. One of the motivations to share honestly about Solomon's medical needs is that our boy was waiting on the shared sn's list TWICE and his file was about to be returned, again. His dossier was dated early 2008 which means 2 years of his life was spent waiting for his forever family to find him. Kiddos with this special need typically wait, wait, and wait some more...some NEVER get a family. It can be a scary medical need with lots of unknowns BUT it doesn't change the fact that these sweet one's need to come home. They need the opportunity to be loved, to receive the medical care that they desperately need. If this medical need isn't cared for properly, the child will die!!!

Our time on this earth is so short yet the work to be done is great! I don't want to stand before my Lord and be ashamed that I wouldn't allow Him to use me to the fullest because I was afraid to leave my comfort zone.

As I watch my newest sleeping babe, I wonder what exactly is going on with his precious body. I think about all that could be going on and can easily become overwhelmed. BUT I'm reminded of all God has done to bring our boy home and I'm comforted knowing that He has already prepared us to care for him. I'm reminded that God has clearly called us down this journey and that He will continue to guide us!

We would covet your continued prayers as we begin the medical journey for our guy...a journey that will most likely start/end up at Cincinnati Hospital. This means that we will have to travel away from our kiddos once again...I will mostly likely go and daddy will stay home. We are not sure how soon we will have to take this trip but I'm guessing within the next few months.

Is there something that you know the Lord is calling you to do? Something He is calling you to surrender? A precious one He is calling to be yours but you are afraid? My hearts greatest plea would be that you spend some quiet time with God and really seek His word for wisdom. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TAKE THAT STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE & INTO GOD'S COMFORT ZONE!!! :)


Mandie said...

Thank you for sharing. I have heard great things about the hospital. May you receive more information so that you can help Solomon with all of his needs. You will be his champion just as the Lord intended.

Darlene said...

I so agree with your encouraging words.....and we are hoping our papers for our little boy are going up on Friday of next week...God willing!

Anita said...

Thank you for your honesty Stacy! I know it was hard to know exactly what to share, but I also know how much your honesty and friendship have encouraged us along the way to Kaleb. It's already been an amazing few weeks here watching the Lord provide already and we know He will continue to do so with our family and Kaleb and with your family and Solomon! HUGS!

Kelly said...

Hi! I left a comment on another one of your blogs and then realized the other comments were dated almost a month ago! I came across your blog from Erica's--we brought our daughter home from China in 7-07, too! I love to find other big families, growing with adoption! We also home school. This last post about your son's needs is very encouraging and I am sure the Lord will use it for His glory!

Diana Gunterman said...

Love how special is this go girl. There is more information that needs to be spread all over the world about these special kid. Oh how they only need that special family to hold them, comfort them, and help them get through each day. Yes, Lord we all need to spread the word these kids need family too. Stacy you and Paul are so wonderful and god will see you through this time of need. Solomon will be well taken care of with a wonderful family like yours. We have four special needs and I would take more if god provides. This is a calling we couldn't shut away he called and we provide along with his mighty hands of help. I love you all. The hospital is not far from us love and it's the best ever. If this happens I would love to meet you there and do all I can do during this time. Love you so much.

Michal said...

Amen, Sister! Our children are so precious. Aren't we all "special needs" children? Didn't God adopt me completely imperfect? I bed my "insides" aren't very pretty either! It just goes to prove to me how much God loves ME! Maybe we'll be going to Ohio together one of these days...both of us without our hubby. We'll see what God has in store for our kiddos.

*Overflowing* said...

Thank you all for your precious support and beautiful works of encouragement!!!'s Cinci a few months sound?? I'm hoping it's sooner than later!!!

One Happy Momma said...

Tears as I'm reading your post.

Thank you for stepping our of your comfort zone and following God's lead!

Thank you for TRUSTING God and bringing Solomon home!

Thank you for sharing something very private. You never know how this may open others hearts to think about adopting a child with this special need.

Thank you for your honesty.

Blessings -


Kris said...

thank you for sharing. We are also stepping of our comfort zone and adopting a 13 yr old (we have 3 yr old from China). I've been encouraged the last few months as I've occasionally popped in and saw how God has provided. We are walking in complete and utter trust on this Journey to bring Rachel home. She does have a repaired heart, but has been in the orphanage her entire life. Like your Solomon, she also has been on the list for 2 years. She's close to aging out and needs a family. We are willing to be that family come what may. We are trusting God to provide for our every need, and we know He will! I hope other families are encouraged to take that leap of faith into the unknown. We often forget that there are no guarantees that biological children will be healthy. We just assume that we are taken a greater risk through adoption. And while that may be true in some areas (such as not knowing family history), "random" things happen biologically that cannot be explained genetically. You are putting your trust in God regardless of how you grow your family. May God richly bless your willingness to be used by Him.

Angela said...

We are in the process of adopting a 5 year old little girl with repaired IA, among other things. Several other things.It is scary to step out in faith and probably the hardest part is fear of the unknown. It's hard to find parents willing to share about this special need so e-mail me privately if you are willing to share more about your experience.
By the way, your beads are absolutely beautiful and I'm planning to order some for gifts when we travel.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Thank you for sharing Stacey.

You know this need is really WEIGHING on my heart. I'm not sure why just yet. I do know that a family with our agency disrupted the adoption of a child with this need in China. I really think about that little girl still in China a lot. A lot of people are advocating for her and I just know her family is out there. I pray they read this blog post.

As for Cincy, I'm too far to offer you a place to rest but I know of quite a few families there. You read "Tea for Two" right? Robin? She is in that area I believe!

Anyway, thanks for sharing and one of these days I may be emailing you for more info. You just never know!

So thankful your little man is home! I've been reading but blogger is giving me trouble with comments lately. Not just your blog but many. :((y think about that little girl still in China a lot. A lot of people are advocating for her and I just know her family is out there. I pray they read this blog post.

As for Cincy, I'm too far to offer you a place to rest but I know of quite a few families there. You read "Tea for Two" right? Maybe R could help you out!

Anyway, thanks for sharing and one of these days I may be emailing you for more info. You just never know!

So thankful your little man is home! I've been reading but blogger is giving me trouble with comments lately. Not just your blog but many. :((

JulieM said...

Your little boy is darling. We are so close to bring a sweet little boy home from China also. Thank you for your honesty. We were open to a huge range of needs and the little boy's need that God has given us seems to be very minor. We feel so blessed and at the same time feel like we could handle more. Yet as I keep reading more and more blogs my heart continues to be open to more and more needs. My heart continues to break for the orphans in China. Maybe it is just God preparing for something else down the road. Thanks again for sharing!

Anesse said...

Love it, Stace! I sure love your heart!