Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Christmas is ONLY 10.5 weeks away...OHHHH YES I DID!!! Muwahhahahaha....can you believe it...I can't!!! I have been starting to think about what gifts we would buy for our family and then I started to think about how I hate buying a gift that doesn't have a meaning....a gift that will get played with or cherished for the moment only and that makes me sad AND it is so wasteful. So, I've been praying about how the Lord would want us to use our money wisely and how we could bless our family with our gifts...what could we give that would be in our budget and be meaningful??? WATCH OUT FOR CHRISTMAS PART 2...It's going to be very exciting...I'm going to do something that will help families who are fundraising to bring their peanuts home and a way for ALL OF US TO HELP THEM!!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

So for Part 1 :)
1. We still have some Pure Religion Shirts and we are clearancing them out...talk about an awesome Christmas gift!!! Go HERE to see the sizes we have left!! I'm talking ONLY $15 a shirt...that includes shipping!!

(I have no idea why blogger keeps flipping this picture...grrrr!)

2. I am very excited to announce that we will continue to sell Solomon Beads!! Since we are now home with our little man, the proceeds from our bead sales will go towards his medical expenses. I will be uploading stuff to my Etsy store (link on the side of my blog) AND we will of course, still be taking custom orders AND offering Solomon Bead GIFT CERTIFICATES!


Mandie said...

Can't wait for part II.

Not so happy about the reminder of how quickly Christmas is coming up. Where has the year gone!

Anita said...

Hey there girlie....blogger is doing the same thing to me with my pic of Kaylin...take a look. GRRR is right...I finally just posted it anyway.

AND...I'm SOOO excited about the Christmas ideas. I've been thinking too and wonderin what in the world to do this year because of Kaleb's adoption fundraising and Jennifer's wedding!! And I just may have to give some of those shirts as Christmas gifts to some family members. Shhh...don't tell them though!! HA!