Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did ya know that May is foster awareness month???

O pen your heart to orphans: Understand God’s heart for the orphan. He cares for them and expects us to care as well.

R ecognize your responsibility: Every person can care for a child who is vulnerable or orphaned in practical ways both locally and globally. Become involved in an orphan-care ministry in your church.

revent children from becoming orphans: Advocate for children. Prevent children from becoming orphans by offering care and treatment of mothers, fathers, and children who are living with HIV.

elp in practical ways: Offer relief, food, and clothing but don’t stop there. Focus on family-based, church-initiated solutions which are sustainable and wholistic emphasizing education and community development.

ccept orphans into families: Work toward solutions which allow children to grow in families—not just homes or institutions. Promote adoption and permanency as God’s idea for the health, growth, and healing of a child.

ever forget the church: The local church via the family is God’s answer for the orphan. Create partnerships with churches worldwide, encouraging the local church to own and direct orphan-care efforts. (courtesy of Saddlback Church)


Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

AMEN!! Thank you for sharing. Praying your handsome one home!
In Him,

Kate said...

I came over for a visit from the AW board and just watched Cana's gotcha day video - I'm weeping --- God is so good! Congrats on your blessings!

Kate said...

Oops -- got my boards mixed up...I came over from the Fujian board. :) My son is from Gutian, Fujian.

*Overflowing* said...

Hi Girls, thank you for your prayers...they are priceless to our family!!