Friday, May 14, 2010

A dream!

I had my first dream about Solomon last night...I'm still so shaken by the deepest parts of my heart, I am distraught that I can't get to him. He was absolutely wonderful...giggly and sweet. He was standoffish for a bit but ultimately ran to his mama and clung to my neck...I can still feel him holding me.

Why does this wait have to be so long! Praying for my Lord's perfect peace and sovereign timing and my willingness to accept His perfect plan!! Now to scoop myself back up and press forward :) My baby is waiting and I can't change the length of the wait. We've done everything possible and now we wait and watch in complete awe at all the Lord is going to do. My God is good ALL the time even when we don't understand why He does what He does. His plans are for good...His plans are good for me, for my hubby, for my children, for YOU!!! May the joy of His beautiful plan for your life bless you deeply today!!


Hezra said...

I had dreams that vivid about all of mine too. Even little Jackson.
I know how hard it must be to wait. I am so sorry that it takes SO LONG! I am praying for you. (and for little Solomon) love you

humefamily5 said...

Hi Stacy~
I think those dreams are part of every "wait" for our babies. I'm praying that Solomon will be home soon. Maybe our boys can play together someday!! :)
Hugs to you, Sarah

Debb said...

Aww...may your dream help you to feel closer to Solomon, rather than far away. God will shower Solomon with His love while you wait for your time to meet him. Waiting is hard. I know. We don't even have our papers sent to Ethiopia yet and I find some days hard to wait. Glad you are clinging to God. He is SO GOOD! And His timing, perfect! Blessings to you in the waiting,