Thursday, May 13, 2010


We just received our LID (log in date) of May 13th. Now the official wait begins :) What's next??

~We wait 30-60 days for LOA (letter of acceptance...aka: Letter of Seeking Confirmation)
~Then the 2 week difficult part of the wait begins!!
~2 weeks for i800 provisional approval,
~2 weeks to receive the NVC cable letter (national visa center)
~2 weeks until Article 5
~2 weeks until TA (travel approval)
~2-4 weeks until actual travel

Of course all of these timelines are approximate and can take longer or shorter!

One step closer my sweet boy! We love you so much and ache to hold you! We are praying the Lord will allow us to get to you soon!!!!


Truly Blessed said...

WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

Pepe y Paqui said...

¡Felicidades! pronto podreis viajar a recoger a vuestro niƱo.

Cheri said...

Congratulations my sweet friend!