Friday, October 26, 2012

2 weeks since 'the call'

Has it only been 2 weeks? 2 weeks since we received the devastating phone call about our precious Zemirah? 2 weeks ago we went from dreaming and planning to grieving and mourning. God has been so faithful to love us...give us peace and comfort...faithful to allow us to hurt but to never leave our sides. YOU my precious friends have stood faithfully in the gap and have laid us at Jesus' feet continually...thank you!

How are we?  We are still hurting...still missing her so much...there are moments that we are okay and moments where we can hardly breath...moments of happiness and moments of deep pain...moments of acceptance and moments of some serious fits ;)...moments of complete peace and moments of disbelief and frustration.

We are entering the time she was due...where all of our plans for Nov. and Dec. where based upon "when the baby gets here" or "all depends on when she arrives"...decisions we had already made because we thought she'd be here...decisions we were waiting to make because we weren't sure exactly when she'd arrive. And now we find ourselves re-deciding everything because she isn't coming home. :(  The sting of her death is a daily occurrence right now.

Our sweet little love, our arms ache so much to hold you.  You are in our every thought and dream.  Baby girl, we love you & want you so much it hurts but we know you are in the Father's arms and there is no safer place for you to be!


Anonymous said...

Continuing to lift you and your sweet ones in prayer. much love to you-

Jolene said...

Stacy, I'm coming up for air right now long enough to say I'm so so sorry and praying for everyone. How is birth mama doing? I pray that the Lord will use this in a mighty way in her life!

Suzette said...

I am so sorry! I haven't been blogging in too long and didn't realize what you had gone through. I pray God heals your pain and draws you all ever closer to Him.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys...please let us know any updates on Lena.

Mariposa said...

Our family has been following your blog for a while and I wanted to let you know we are praying for your family as well as her birthmother. This is just a part of your life story that is having such a postive impact on families you haven't even met yet.