Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fast Food FAST for Solomon!

God is honestly doing some amazing, crazy, AWESOME stuff to bring our boy home!!! I can't wait to share about what happened yesterday. I honestly don't have words to articulate it quite, yet, but once I do...I will be ah sharin'!!!!!!

Hey...don't forget that our fabulous JUNK POSSE & SOLOMON BEAD raffle is still happening. Tickets are ONLY $5 each with a chance to earn some freebie entries. Go HERE to check it out!!

Anyone interested in doing a
fast food FAST for Solomon??
How much does a typical fast food meal cost you? I know for our family it's about $25
(which is why we haven't eaten out in who knows how long)!
Would you be willing to give up just ONE fast food meal
this week and help us bring our son home?
Think about it...
would you sacrifice just
ONE meal of convenience
to help a precious boy come home to his FOREVER family
and earn tickets for our raffle???

We would be honored & blessed if you would do this for us!

~If feel led to fast food FAST for Solomon & donate what you would have normally spent on that meal, we'd love to know...please leave us a comment here or when you make your donation through the chip-in and let us know that you are boldly making a stand to help us bring our son home~

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