Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 9

Things are a wonderful slow pace here on the island. We've really enjoyed being able to walk around and not worry about being run over :) Today we went to the shopping mall. Let's just say this wasn't an ordinary shopping mall...we are talking hundreds and hundreds of stores. We also went over to the jewelry mall...again, like a bazillion shops!! Apparently there is a mall for everything you need. We asked our guide to take us to see 'real' China. We wanted to see the local markets so he took us through some streets. It was so fascinating! We walked through the herb market...OH MY!!! Again, hundreds of small shop's with thousands of herbs. There were lots of street vendors selling different animals like dogs, turtles, bunnies, and chipmunk's...YES....chipmunk's!! Oh ya...gotta check out the picture of the black ants...they eat these for medicinal purposes.

On a wonderful note, we had Solomon's TB test read...negative...phew!! We weren't worried that he had TB but a little worried he might come back with a positive test because he does have the antibodies to prevent TB. If he had tested positive, we would not be coming home friday so we are very thankful!

We were blessed to meet a family that has just adopted TWO almost 3 year old boys (they also have one 3yr. old boy at home :) These boys are precious and one of the peanuts has the same medical needs as Solomon so it was really neat to talk to mom to mom about it. We had a great dinner with them!!! Please be praying for this sweet family! The other brother has a very, very serious heart condition and will need care as soon as they get home...pray that surgery will even be an option for this beautiful one!

Solomon continues to amaze us with how well he is doing. He seems to be attaching to both of us which is an answer to prayer. I was a little concerned because he is so happy ALL the time but he's finally have little spouts of grieving. It typically happens if he gets hurt. The tears will just flow and flow. It's a good thing, really! It seems that when he has an ouwie is when he is the most vulnerable...he can't stop the tears. It's actually a precious time of bonding!



blessedmomto8 said...

REALLY enjoyed looking at your pictures! HES A DOLL!! Looks so fun over there-all that shopping WOW!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

I am following along, too... sorry i don't comment much! Its a time problem! :) so glad everything is going well, glad your coming home soon too!

wondering if you got contact info from the family with TWO boys? Are they keeping a blog? I would love to connect with them too!

Can't wait to see a new family picture when you get home!

Anonymous said...

Love all the details and pics, Stacy. I truly think our boys are gonna have BIG time fun together someday! I'm glad you're having so many smiles and yet some productive grieving moments as well. I understand the balance! Take care! Sarah H.

Our family: said...

Sounds like you three are having some fun and interesting shopping experiences!
So glad the tb test came out negative.
Praying for your little ones at home too.
Love Lydia

One Happy Momma said...

Stacy -

I am so enjoying following along during your time in China.

I swear Solomon and our Elijah are two peas in a pod. :)

Not only are they from the same Province, they even look very similar and they way Solomon is acting is uncanny! I feel like I'm reading about our son.

He came to us happy, went home with us happy and loves to be cuddled when hurt.

Again I am so so happy for you guys!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Blessings -


Jodi said...

What an adventure!

Thinking about you guys and your sweet boy :)

Happiness in Numbers said...

It has been so nice to follow your blog although we can't wait until you get home.
I was so amazed with how well Solomon opened that egg. He seems too little to be able to do that. Your Awesome Solomon!