Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just look at this dollie...
UPDATE: Their goal was met in less than 24hours...You guys are awesome. God is so GOOD!

A precious family in need...Bring Home Cooper. Can you chip-in $5 or $10 to help this sweet family with their final costs? Let's be used by the Lord and bless them in a way that can only be done by God!! They leave in 3, yes...THREE days...let's get to it :)

A post from the LCC yahoo group:
I'm posting this on behalf of a good friend that has been on a crazy adoption rollercoaster (just like my family, and lost a child in China that they had planned to adopt) that is finally coming to an end this Friday when they leave for Taiwan for their little boy. The only problem is that they no longer have ANY money to pay for ANY expenses once they get to Taiwan. They have exhausted ALL financial options and it is a desperate situation. They both missed numerous work days this past month with the flu so they did not receive paychecks and have just found out there credit card limit has now been reduced to exactly what they owe so they have no way to pay for any of their expenses when they get to Taiwan. They already have their plane tickets as there was a grant provided for that. They are leaving on FRIDAY NIGHT. Friday morning they are having a yard sale to sell anything and everything they can to have money to take with them to Taiwan. I asked Ginnie to put a chip in on her blog in the hopes that we can have 100 people give just $10.00---giving them $1,000 dollars by Thursday. If they can get $1200 it would be better as that is the actual amount needed for the hotel.

CAN YOU PLEASE HELP????? They have THREE days to get this money. Like I said, they will be selling what they can at a yard sale on Friday morning before their flight at 6pm. Please please people join me in helping them. 100 people....$10.00 each Ginnie has a heart of gold and does not like the idea of asking for help but she is out of options. Pray that they receive what they need to get their son home. WE CAN DO IT!!!!
You can go to her blog at www.ourfamilycomplete.blogspot.com and donate.
Thanks so much!

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Jonni said...

Hey Stacy,

Just came by to say "hi". I feel like I have been so out of the loop lately since we got home from China on 10/1. Hope you guys are doing well and how nice of you to advocate for this family. I am headed over to their blog right now.