Thursday, October 29, 2009

147 thoughts

I've been so frustrated not knowing what God is calling our family to do to minister to orphans. Yes, frustrated...not with God but with myself for not just being still and patient for God's perfect time to show us in His already ordained way & plan.

We were sitting in church on Sunday and the Lord's message to me was LOUD and CLEAR! HE has given us this amazing passion....HE has built up our desires to minister....HE has called us to wait. WHAT??? Wait???? How long do I have to wait? But I don't wanna wait...I know...I'm such a spoiled brat! Good thing God already knows that about me and still loves me ;)

Soooo, what will I do during the wait? Ohhhh, I will wait in great anticipation and be ready to GO when He says go! And we will continue to pray for God's desires for our family.


Hezra said...

silly girl, you are not a spoiled brat. lol. You are a called mama. It ignites a passion that seems too hard to hold back. But ask what HE has planned in the meantime. I was told only to "pray for the orphans" for a long 6 mos. I mean I always do, but He led me to Rainbow kids and I was to intercede for the specific waiting children. For six months! Then we found our girls and he said "do it!" I always see life like a staircase. HE has to tell me when to go and he lights up sometimes only one step at a time. It is odd but it works. love you.

mary grace said...

Be very, very careful what you pray for ... you just might end up preparing to uproot your entire brood for a move to minister to orphans and church planters in Nepal. Oh, wait. That's just me. :-)

Erica said...

You need to post the video I posted on my facebook the other day!! While Waiting! I'm going to call you this coming week. Mon-Wed - one of those! Love you!!!

Debbie B said...

I'm right there with you. I'm so anxious knowing what our next step is and yet we wait. Because there are some things that need to happen before we can go forth. Praying your wait is over soon, and mine.