Saturday, August 02, 2008

Twin Update

Not too much to update but here's an email from "B" (aka, mama):

Hello Everyone, And, "J", Thank- you!! I think this is maybe your friend, "A", came by this morning with antibacterial liquid soap and and handwipes and protein bars! It is exactly what we needed! After having been violently ill myself I just didn't have the energy to go shopping. ANd who knows if they even sell such things in GZ??? But now we are stocked. As for Judy...I know why we all call her THE AMAZING JUDY!!! We have almost run her into the ground and I hope she survives our stay in China. She is awesome! We also had an American doctor come by early this morning offering to help. He has just adopted a precious little girl over here. He went with us to the PICU "to help us prepare for the trip home and to see how we will care for and feed the girls on the flight as well as advise us on long term care." He was satisfied with the PICU and care they were being given for now. He was of great help. We did try to explain his presence of advising for the flight home and long term care as to not step on the toes of the doctors here. We are comfortable with their care for now but we still need to hire a pediatric doctor for the flight home.Thanks for any advice and all well wishes and prayers. ~"B"


The Smith's said...

I think it is amazing how you are posting the updates of Beth and the babies progress on your blog page. I live in Alabama in the town where her parents live and met them one day while we were eating lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. When they saw our son, adopted on 2/18/2008 from Kunming China, her mother came over and shared Beth's journey with us.

We have been trying to keep up on how they are doing and have prayer chains going for them at all of the local churches. I have also sent out her request for help with hiring a Doctor for the flight home and the need for items and visitors on several posting boards that I am on.

I actually have several people that I know that are currently in Guangzhou and have asked them to help in anyway that they can.

I see your 26 month old is from Kunming as well. Our son just turned 2 last Saturday. He was in the Kunming SWI until 6 months and then was in the Anning foster village until we got him just before his 19 month birthday.

Your daughter is just adoreable.

I will keep checking the blog for updates.

Thanks and God bless

Becky Smith

Erica said...

Oh wow. Praying for them. How scary. I'm so glad to hear they are doing better.