Monday, July 28, 2008

Please Pray!!

I'm calling on all prayer warriors. Please pray for one of our agency families. They are in China right now. B and M received their precious TWIN girls a week ago and they are very, very sick. Both babies are now in the hospital and one is in ICU. One has severe viral pneumonia and the other has viral bronchitis. Please pray for healing, saftey, and strength for the girls! Also, pray for strength and wisdom for mama and baba. They obviously can't come home until the girls are better so pray for this aspect, too.

Sweet Gotcha moment!


Mashel said...

I am praying for them. Do the babies have names? I always like to pray with the childs names if possible. I am so glad that the babies have their mommy and Daddy right now while they are sick. How horrible would it be to be in the hospital alone? God knew exactly when they needed to be there. I am definitly praying for them all.

Cheri H said...

Stacy, I saw a plea on RQ this morning for this family and I so wish I could do more! I will def. keep all of them in my prayers. I can't imagine the stress the parents must be under.