Tuesday, December 02, 2008

13 Years Baby!!

Today my Prince Charming and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! It's so crazy to think we've been together for over 16 years. How awesome is that?!?!?!

What a beautiful, precious gift our marriage is...Lord, once again I am so blown away with how undeserving of your amazing blessings I am. You have given me more than I have ever dreamed of!!!!!!

Our wedding was sooo much fun...that is one day I'd do over and over again! We had a beautiful Christmas wedding...christmas trees, carolers, and all!

Kind of funny to think we got married before digital camera's (ahhhh, we're getting old)...my scanner is busted so here's pictures of pictures ;)

Oh no he didn't.......
Oh YES he DID!!!That silly man of mine....okay, here's the story...we were the last of our friends to get married and somehow their wives-to-be convinced their husbands-to-be NOT to smash the wedding cake into their face...I have a feeling it was more like honeymoon threats if they did such a terrible thing to them on their wedding day....well, the idle threats obviously didn't work for me....I knew I was in BIG TROUBLE when my wonderful, amazing, perfect prince held up the frosting drenched cake...giggled...mind you the BOYS cheering him on...without any hesitation smooshed that cake all over my face...oooohhhh was his mama mad at him :) It was actually really funny...and remember...he's my perfect prince...how could I be mad at him?

I love you, baby...I can't wait to see what the Lord has for our next 13 years...I hear the best is yet to come...I can't imagine it any better!!!!!!!


Jill said...

I seriously don't think you aged a bit!
Here's to many more happy happy years!

Jonni said...

Oh Stacy, you and Paul look gorgeous and what a wonderful family you have. You two were meant for one another and I can see the love in each of your eyes. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and I bet in a way it seems like it was just yesterday. You even look beautiful with the wedding cake in your hair (lol). :)


God's Girl said...

Awe... I love these pictures! Happy Anniversary you guys!

Your wedding pictures look similar to ours : )

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for commenting on my blog! So. Ca. sounds like a great idea!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

What a SWEET POST!!! I love the pictures - happy anniversary to you both! And MANY MORE!

Susanz Place said...

Happy Anniversary - WOW no way can it be that long - i still remember the bowling league and that seems like yesterday -
Praise Jesus for the gift of a good man and a CHrist centered marriage.
love you much - mean it!!!