Monday, December 01, 2008


We had a really fun Thanksgiving at my in-laws :) GREAT dinner Nana...thank you!!

"S" lovin' on her papa!
~ Beautiful Cousins~
My beautiful boys...I can call them beautiful cause I'm their mama!! :)
Nana...what exactly did you put in that turkey?
We left Friday for our family reunion in Arizona. The journey began at 6am...everyone was wide-eyed and ready for a ROAD TRIP! My parents were in one car, my baby sister and her family were in their car, and then us....all geared up for lllloooonnnngggg drive. It took us 10 hours to get there and everyone did GREAT!

Saturday was the reunion. The first reunion since my grandma passed away. I sure missed hearing her barking orders from the kitchen {hehehe}. She was such a crack up. She loved having everyone over for Thanksgiving! It was always important to her that we all stayed connected one way or another. I miss her!!!

For the "YUCKIES" part...our poor little "I" ended us with the flu all day Saturday :(

Sunday....uuugggghhh....BACK in the car for the llllooooonnnngggg drive home. Just as we hit the holiday traffic, I heard a terrible sound in the back was our little "S" hurling all over herself, her carseat, & the car! Of course, we were MILES away from the next off ramp and of course, we were completely STOPPED in traffic. After a little hair-raising driving (by all car in our caravan), we made it to an the baby all cleaned up and jumped back on the road. 14...yes....F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N HOURS later we made it home ;0)
View from my Gpa's backyard
THANK YOU GRANDPA for having our crazy brood! We had a blast and we LOVE you so much!!


Jonni said...

What gorgeous pictures of you Thanksgiving. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I can imagine how missed grandma was. I just LOVE the picture of "P" on the couch with the girls asleep and I hope "I" is feeling better now. :)


Julee said...

When I tried to click on this before it was broken so sorry I'm a few days late. I just had to tell you that when I saw that last picture with all the kids and your Grandpa, tears filled my eyes. It really is what it's all about and it's SO sweet to be able to bless our grandparents with our presence and our children. I know we overwhelm them at times, but gosh, what could be greater than to see the fruit of the family you have helped create?

What a blessing, very cool.

What's with your kids and Arizona vomitting?