Monday, December 08, 2008

Is this your baby's first Christmas home?

I LOVE this song. Once again, hearing it causes me to bawl...always does. The words so beautifully express the waiting parents heart. I listened and cried through this song as we waited and now I cry at the beauty that "It's Christmas time again and NOW you're home...your family is here so you will NEVER be alone..."

You see, I will never forget the Christmas of 2006...we were certain she was going to be home! As the realization that she wasn't going to be home sunk in, the harder it was to remain hopeful that she was ever coming home. But our God is faithful and she is home indeed!!

*Is this your little one's first Christmas home? If so, leave me a comment. My next post will be a blog list of families that are home and together for their first Christmas.

I will start the new post on Wednesday...don't worry, as long as you are giving me your blog addresses, I'll keep adding them.

I can't wait to see all that our Lord has done this year in bringing your children home!!!


Mandi said...

Hi, this will be our daughter's first Christmas. We adopted Mylee from Nanjing China on May 12, 2008.


where our love grows said...

Wow! How your blog has blessed me! Seeing your love for God and His faithfulness to fill you up each day with joy for your children has encouraged my own mother's heart. As we waited for three years to finally see the child of HOPE God placed in our hearts from China, He suprised us with a miracle baby of FAITH in 2006. We prayed for a double portion after a tragedy took our 2nd son's life and this Christmas we will be celebrating God's goodness to us with BOTH of our daughters and their devoted older brother! It will be our newly adopted daughter's first Christmas with us. She came home in September of this year from China. My girls are also only 3 months apart! :) Rejoicing in Our Savior's Birth and knowing all good things come from the Father above! Merry Christmas!

*Overflowing* said...

Congratulations, Mandi! May 12th is our Cana's no doubt a very special day for both of us ;)

"Where our love grows" you are sooo precious!! Thank you for your beautiful words! Congratulations on an amazing family. I'd love to chat more...can you email me Blogger says your blog is restricted so I hope you see this comment!

steffany said...

Give me a "YES"!!!!

Diezel and Xia came home April 1st.
What a year it has been.

Also Christiana was born her last month. Can we count her too.
It will be her only christmas here before she goes back to Ethiopia

Cindi Campbell said...

This is the first Christmas for our little one Naomi Tao Xuan adopted from China Sept. 17th. She loooves the tree and thinks it's just for her. Has rearranged lots of ornaments and the nativity many times. She is our pride and joy. Love your blog.
Cindi Campbell

trina said...

Yes, this is Benjamin's first Christmas home! I think with the two baby boys, we should have lots of noise and fun. Camcorders ready?

Leslie said...

Please add us! roomforatleastonemore (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Thanks for doing this. Can't wait to check out the other blogs. I wanted to say to you that I read your story before we left for China and now that I have been to K*nming and back and after our story there, I KNOW you KNOW how miraculous it is that you brought your baby girl home! Only God, especially knowing what I know about K*nming "officials". I hope your Christmas is a very blessed and merry one too!

Leslie said...

PS. Thirteen years for us too! Back on August 12!