Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Young Man & Our youngest son's salvation

AUGUST 17...someone tell me....HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that my first born is now 11 years old?!?!? I'm not sure where the time has gone but if it continues at this pace my baby will 18 the next time I blink my eyes.

Talk about an amazing young man! 'T' is an unbelievably gentle & sensitive guy. He is brilliant (has his daddy's brains) and thinks on such a deep level. He is an amazing leader. He loves our Lord so deeply and loves learning about what the bible says.

The other day we were sitting at the dinner table and we were praying for dinner. Typically one of the kids will pray and then daddy will pray. Well, daddy was praying and apparently 'I' (our 5 year old) was on open-eye patrol because as soon as daddy finished,

'I' yelled, "Tr. had her eyes opened!!"
'T': "How did you know 'Tr.' had her eyes open?"
'I': "I just did. She's not going to go to heaven."
Of course, that opened a great opportunity for mom and dad.
Mom: "'I', do you know how you get into heaven?
'I': "Yup"
Mom keeps on talking, "You have to ask Jesus into....."
'I' interrupts me and says, "Ya, I know you have to ask Jesus into your heart....I already did!!"
Daddy and I look at each other with a 'Hun?' look
Mom: "Honey, when did you do that?"
'I': "Oh, the other day with 'T'"
Now, daddy and I are flipping out inside....
'T': "Oh ya, I was telling 'I' about heaven and hell and he said he wanted to go to heaven not hell. So, I prayed with him and he asked Jesus into his heart."

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!? Our oldest son lead his little brother to the Lord...that just floors me!! That's the kind of big brother he is. Oh, to be so quick and ready to share...we are so proud of him!! Now I'm not saying he doesn't have his moments of cheer joy as he torments the entire house but all-in-all he has taken his roll as the oldest very seriously.

'T', we love you so much. You are on of our greatest joys and we are soooo blessed by you. We watch with great excitement as we see the Lord molding and shaping you. He has BIG plans for you!!

All dressed up for Aunt Jamie's wedding.

Could he be any prouder of his new baby sister??

How about his new baby brother?
"rock climbing" in Yosemite
Best pitcher ever!
So in-love with his youngest sissy!
She's finally home!!


Cheri H said...

Oh Stacy, what I just read gave me goose bumps! you have an awesome young man on your hands. I would be proud of him too!

Debbie B said...

What a wonderful young man. The best big brother ever.

Rebecca said...

Wow. Can I reserve him for my oldest daughter?? :) Seriously, I am so blessed to hear about your son's faith & sensitivity! What a tribute to you as parents, and to God's grace in his life!

We DO have a lot in common... I burst out laughing when I came to your blog because even our FAMILY PICTURES look alike!!!

I'm bookmarking your blog!!!!


God's Girl said...

What a great thing! T- has grown up so much... I really just can't believe how fast the time goes.

I am blown away blessed at the hearts of the children.

Thanks for sharing such a great story!

Linda said...

This blesses me SO much.

You go, T!!!!

Maybe he has the gift of an evangelist.

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

That is so precious! What do you expect? Great parents have great kids! Alida

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

came via Ni Hao Yall...and so glad I did. I am blessed for having heard this story. What an amazing young man you have. I know you must be so proud.

Thanks for allowing me to stop in!