Friday, August 29, 2008


I've posted before about one of the most precious people I have met along our last adoption journey. She is an amazing adoptive mom and soon-to-be grandma to a princess born in Ethiopia. Her heart for helping adoptive families is unbelievable.

Tracy makes the most beautiful custom jewelry and gives a portion of her sales to help different families in their adoption journey. You have got to see what she can do.... She loves making custom pieces and she has wonderful ideas. guys remember my awesome necklace she made for me (pics. below)? Well, a couple of months ago I asked her if she could make me a small USA charm and China charm. They turned out sooooo cute (pics. below)!! THEN a week ago, I asked her if she could make me a bracelet with the kids names on it and LOOOKKK what just came......I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Quick, quick...dash over to Tracy's site...Junk Posse...and order your own custom goodies :)

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God's Girl said...

So cute and creative!