Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday I'm going to try to catch up on what's been happin' over here :) August baby girl turned 7. Is that can that be?!?!?

It seems like just yesterday we received the call that a precious birthmother wanted to meet us. Talk about an amazing meeting. There was no doubt the Lord had already welded our families together. 7 beautiful weeks later, a precious, beautiful, amazing, STRONG young lady gave birth to our first daughter and placed her in our arms forever. I will never, ever forget that day....the moments of the entire day and days to follow are still soooooo clear. I am so thankful that God perfectly placed our sweet "Tr" in our lives and ever so thankful for the amazing relationship we have with "R". She is so deeply a part of our family and we love her so much.

Our sweet little miss "Tr" is an amazing young girl. Her zeal and love of life is absoutely amazing!! If I could bottle even just an ounce of her joy.....have you ever just wanted to scream with excitement....I mean scream and dance around with all your might because you can't contain your happiness? Well, this is how she lives her life everday!! Ever since she was itty-bitty, she would squeal with great delight over the simple things in life. She is my social butterfly..."Where are we going, who are we seeing, what are we doing" roll off her tongue a zillion times a day (no joke). She loves being with her family, friends, and LOVES shopping with her mama. She doesn't help my shopping addiction one bit :) She loves fashion and has a crazy style all her totally suits her. She is absolutely wonderful with her siblings and loves helping with them. One night I heard "S" fussing and then I heard "Tr" right next to her comforting her...tucking her in, giving her her binkie, and singing her back to about PRECIOUS!!!

"Tr" is crazy and wild! She has taught me to see life through her eyes and it's unbelievable!! Oh, to live life like my little girl....God has BIG, HUGE plans for this peanut!!! Happy Birthday lovie...we love you so much!!
The first time we held her!
Getting read to go home
Mommy having fun taking pictures of our precious gift! Our crazy girl :)

YES...she's barely 3 and she stacked 2 chairs and climbed on up.


God's Girl said...

My favorite picture of all time is the one with the tag... "from God"

OK... it seems like yesterday when I got to hold her and play with her in the Nursery.

She was cute as a baby and she is beautiful as a young lady!

Happy Birthday T!

Love to you guys!!!!


Susanz Place said...

Happy Birthday sweet T!

O how I remember those early days - our God is so GOOD!

Think back to our Agape group - only a perfect loving Sweet God could have ever done this beautiful work.


Mashel said...

What a beautiful little girl and a great gift from God. Can you believe that she is 7? I know I can't believe Hunter is 7. How did that happen so fast?

Debbie B said...

Such a wonderful post. I love seeing her transformation from sweet baby to beautiful little girl.

Jill said...