Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jubilee's Finalization

It is final...she is legally ours...she has been ours since the day she was placed in our arms...actually since the first moment we learned about her...but in the eyes of the legal system, she is now legally ours.

Sweet Jubilee girl, we love you so much. You have changed our lives on so many levels and we can't imagine our lives with out you. Happy Finalization Day girlie!!!

 Daddy and Mommy making it "official".

Celebrating at Krispy Kreme's of course ;)


Shonni said...

Yea!!! Congratulations

Annie said...

Happy Finalization Day!! A day to celebrate for sure!!! What a sweet little day all about Jubilee!!!

Unknown said...


Hezra said...

YAY!! So very exciting! I am rejoicing with you and SO looking forward to my three kids finally FINALLY being legally OURS!!! HATE that they call them "custody kids" and "wards of the state" and it is so irritating that it takes so long. GAH!

Jaclyn M said...

Yay congrats!!!