Friday, June 22, 2012


UPDATE: Please go to Linny's blog for an update HERE!

 Parents have been release and reunited with their 2 bio kids...their precious kids the just adopted are STILL in the orphanage!! PLEASE BE PRAYING CONTINUALLY!!! This whole situation is horrific!

From Jennifer Suen Chen, who is Christine Moghadams sister... 'We need to be praying for Monday's proceedings. PLEASE GET THIS OUT FOR PRAYER! Little 2 year old has a fever and they are worried about malaria. E and I are really traumatized. PLEASE PRAY'


There is a very precious family in Ghana RIGHT NOW!!! They (along with their 4 and 6 year old) were in country adopting their 4 precious children. With adoption paperwork in hand, ALL of them (YES THE CHILDREN, TOO) were arrested & put in jail on suspicion of child trafficking. The children have been put in an orphanage...yes, their american citizen children, too...I am hearing that the orphanage is a horrific place.

Here is from a friend:
"There is a family in Ghana right now that has been arrested on (unfounded) charges of child trafficking. The family's 6 children (2 bio & 4 newly adopted) have been rendered to the care of a government orphanage while the parents sit in a jail cell in Accra! The bio kids are only 4 & 6 and do not speak the languages of Ghana. The family had their court paperwork with them and the children were all still removed from their parents! PLEASE PRAY for this family!!! The parents' names are Christine & Sol. The US Embassy in Ghana has stated that nothing will be done until Monday, even though there are American born minors affected! PLEASE PRAY for God to intercede and redeem this family! Thank you. 

The family's blog is here.


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Dear God! Praying!!

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We are praying for this family, especially the two young children that are now away from their parents!!

And Anonymous...I'm praying for you as well.

*Overflowing* said... is so sad that you are brave enough to share your thoughts but a coward that won't share your name. Seems pretty silly to me. I will not even engage any further with you if you aren't willing to say who you are.

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Diane said...

Hi Stacey, Roy Cross sent us a message about making a piece of jewelry for us to fundraise for our adoptions. You do beautiful work. Thank you. That would be wonderful! We need to be in China in eleven weeks.

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