Thursday, July 07, 2011

~Spreading the LOVE~
 Grammy (my mom) holding her babe for the first time!
Papa (my daddy) holding his grandbaby for the first time.
My sister loving on her niece for the first time!
My other sissy holding Jubilee for the first time!
 One of my besties loving on our girl for the first time :)

~4th of July~
Such a precious celebration with family and friends. Not only was it Jubilee's first 4th but it was Solomon's first 4th of July! His first 4th of July HOME and FREE! As we were watching the firework show, I was flooded with emotions as he sat in my lap and the song "Proud to be an American" played. Sweet, precious are now are now home forever...we love you!


 ~Misc. Fun~
Oh, how I LOVE this girl!!
 smiling in her sleep :)



connie said...

Blessed indeed!

stephanie said...

Wow talk about gorgeous overload!!! You are truly blessed as are your beautiful children!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you supermom!! :) Love all these beautiful pictures. Yay for your awesome familly pic... perfect!! love, Sarah H.

Dawn said...

Such a beautiful family...more blessings for you... ;-)

Karen said...

I got to get me some of that baby love - so sweet!!!!