Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Help for friends....

I have got to introduce you to one of the most precious families I know....the Willette family!

They are very, very dear friends of ours.  God has moved crazy, miraculously to bring them their next treasure from China.  The details are so incredible yet so I'd love to share them with you but can't at this time.  I will tell you that they are walking by complete faith but confident faith that the Lord will bring their precious Lily home!  Their story is so similar to our story with Solomon's journey.  A CLEAR CALLING from the Lord that THIS is their child but at a time when financially it doesn't make sense.  God has called the Willette family to LEAP outside of their comfort zone straight into God's comfort zone in trusting Him completely with the financial provision for sweet Lily's adoption.

This is where I am asking and praying for YOUR help....they have just kicked off an IPAD2 and giveaway event...would you be willing to stop by and purchase a ticket?  Would you be willing to help spread the word?? My sweet friends, you have been so incredibly faithful to obey the Lord's calling to help care for the orphan, would you continue to do so by praying, donating, or spreading the word for the Willette family?

They are in need of IMMEDIATE funds to be able to complete their homestudy and dossier...immediate in the truest they can only proceed with paperwork, etc. if funds come in...they obviously don't want to delay and keep their beauty waiting.

Thank you for praying for sweet, beautiful Lily and her family!


Sophia said...

Lily is absolutely adorable! I will be praying for them.

Our family: said...

Thank you sweet friend for advocating for our darling girl!!!!!