Wednesday, January 05, 2011


My FB status today: Walked into the kitchen to find Solomon barely hanging off the counter clinging to the sugar box for dear life...the sugar box that he was pouring in his MOUTH!!!!!!!!

I tell ya...this little man of ours is BBBUUUSSSYYY. I think I remember ending every post in China with how BUSY our little guy was ;) He is so much fun ,though. Solomon continues to amaze us with how well he is adjusting. Ohhh, how I'd love to know what he's thinking about all of this.

His english has begun to explode and his understanding is amazing. I would say that he often exhibits behavior of like a 2-3 yr. old but that's to be expected. I think recognizing that he acts a little younger then his age helps all of us to understand why he does what he does and to be a little more when he kicks down the really cool lego tower that his brothers have been working on FOREVER and then laughs hysterically about it and says "cooollll"....or when I find an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in the toilet that he has been repeatedly trying to flush down the toilet....and the list goes on :) Needless to say, we have re-babyproofed our home and watch our little guy very closely.

He has the BEST and I mean BEST sense of humor. It is so much fun to watch with with him...and boy, is he a teaser ;)

I think the thing I am most grateful for over the last month is watching him return our love. He now comes up to us all on his own and wants hugs and kisses. He'll climb on my lap or daddy's lap and say, "I lub you mama or daddy." Melts me into a puddle, that's for sure!!!
My boys...the best of friends! That was our prayer all along that "I" and Solomon would become little buddies. God is GOOD!


Debbie said...

So awesome to hear how well he's doing.

Jolene said...

When Sunshine first came to us he was 4 yrs old and emotionally a big toddler. He, too, was busy all the time, had the best smile but would also rage in my arms (holding time was healing time for him) and God has darn near healed him right up. Emotionally he's still a bit immature and very impulsive at age 6 but he's come light years in just 1.5 yrs he's been here! Solomon is right where he needs to be to heal and thrive!