Thursday, January 06, 2011

NOT the MUD!!!

We've have been flooded with TONS of rain over the past few weeks...well tons for us So. Californian's :) And while we haven't experienced major flooding, my backyard is still extremely soggy!

I have a question that really has no answer....WHY in the world do my little people become overpowered and confused about right and wrong when they see a backyard full of MUD!!! The very mud that their loving mama said, "DON'T PLAY IN THE MUD!!! Look me in the eyes and hear what I'm saying...don't play in the mud...don't play near the mud...don't even LOOK at the mud!!!"

An even better question to ask....Why in the world would this silly mama actually think her angelic children could resist the overpowering temptation of said mud! Silly, silly woman!!!

Poor unsuspecting son...he's just along for the ride...his sweet sisters are teaching him all the 'good' stuff and he follows suit without even putting up a fight :)

Now, I know it could have been worse...much fact, it has been...I just love my babes...mud and all!!


Adrian Roberta said...

Just could have been living on a farm! And that stuff ain't mud! lol


Jolene said...

I can honestly say that those words have come out of my mouth and fallen on deaf ears...its just too irresistible to them! Just like dust on the t.v. is to my 6 yr old, he just can't help himself and he must play in it!

They had a great time though!

Debbie said...

Isabel hasn't learned the joys of mu yet. She's such a neat girl. Ours is more sand pies then mud though.

Happiness in Numbers said...

Grab the garden hose!!! Did their skin look firm and refreshed when they were done??? Just teasing. Looking at the picture my heart felt for you... Ah, Kids :-)