Monday, December 27, 2010

Prayer Request!

UPDATE FROM BOBO'S MAMA 6:40PM: BoBo came through with flying colors (and I do mean colors!). His color is wonderful - lips, fingers and toes are pink and rosy, with beautiful nailbeds. He has tubes and wires and lines sprouting from all over and looks just perfect. The surgery went off exactly as planned, no surprises, and the surgeon seemed very pleased with the results. We finally got to see BoBo in PICU around 6 pm, and took turns visiting for a little while. He's being kept heavily sedated and is on meds for pain management, so wasn't really alert or aware, and won't be for the rest of the night. Thanks so much for all your prayers. I was truly at peace throughout the day and didn't really feel that BoBo was in any danger at all as long as he had God's hand over him. Now we pray for a strong recovery and a restful stay at the hospital.
Thank you guys so much for praying for this precious family! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! While in China, mama & baba weren't even sure if Bobo would be able to have this life saving surgery. Thank you Lord!!!!

I'm asking for prayer for precious Bobo. He is 3yrs. old and we were very blessed to meet him & his new family in China. I mentioned them in our travel journal (3rd paragraph). Anyways....tomorrow very early in the morning he will be going into major open heart surgery. Please be praying for his protection, success of the surgery, and guidance for the drs. and of course, peace for his mama & baba.


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Wow. Will definitely pray for him.