Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Lifesong...

Do you have a song that just rocks you to the deepest part of your soul? I think this one is it! I never tire of hearing it, signing it, crying it to my Lord! My GREATEST desire is that my lifesong pleases my Lord! That every action, every word, every heartbeat gives glory to my Father...that I willingly follow His call...that I obey Him in every every thought...with my WHOLE life!!!!!!

~Be praying that precious Zhu's forever family is found
~Help spread the word
~Seriously and boldly pray for his sweet life
~Ask God if maybe YOU are his mama & daddy!!
Just look at those precious eyes and give me 1 reason why you can't help advocate for him? We are talking about advocating for a child to have a family. You just never know who the Lord has called to be his family and you might be the person who God is going to cool would that be??

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