Friday, April 23, 2010

Plea for Solomon's Best friend!

My baby has a best friend and he NEEDS his FOREVER FAMILY!!!!! The most recent pictures I received of our boy has Solomon and Zhu standing next to each other. The realization that Zhu will be left behind once Solomon comes home has just broken my heart...the impact of him loosing his best friend to adoption will be so devastating to him. After a little bit in searching, I found out that Zhu is AVAILABLE for adoption on the share sn's list soooooooooooooo, we are determined to help find him a home. I fear his time on the list is short and there is no way of knowing if he'll ever become available for adoption again. Once these kiddos have been on the list several times, they will be deemed un-adoptble...can you fathom any child being labelled un-adoptable?!?

There are approximately 1500 waiting children on the share sn's list...1500 WAITING children...they are waiting for a family...can you graspe that? Each of us have some form of a family...a family that cares about us...a family that loves us...these babies NEED families. Why Zhu...why are we advocating for Zhu...he is our baby's best friend...he is very special to us and we feel very strongly that we already know the people that are suppose to be his family, now just to find them :)
(wish I could show his whole sweet face but out of protection for Zhu, I can't)
Sweet, sweet Zhu just turned 4 years old in March. His special need is listed as: "valgus deformity of lower left limb, the rest is normal." From the picture of his leg it appears that from his knee down to his foot, the shin bows back in a arch...from his pictures and little video he is running, jumping, and moving beautifully! His little personality is precious...he is so happy and engaged in his preschool.

Would you please join us in praying this sweet boy home? Oh the thought that he could have a FOREVER family is so exciting!! A mama to hold him, sing to him, comfort him, feed him, love him...A daddy to wrestle with, grow up to be like, to be protected by...A family that cares specifically about him, to teach him all about his Savior...a precious boy who will go from being a statistic to a precious son!!!!

Please email me if you have any questions!!! wearechinabound @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

Wanna experience God love on a new and deeper way? Check out my hubby's post! Love your spouse, love your kids, adopt a child and learn more about the love that God has for you and you will grow in your relationship with Him. ~paul

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and help us find his family!!! God's CRYSTAL CLEAR call to the Christian is to CARE FOR THE ORPHAN...some are called to adopt, some are called to minister, some are called to pray, some are called to financially support...How is God calling you to minister to the orphan? IS HE CALLING YOU TO ADOPT A CHILD WITHOUT A FAMILY???


Erica said...

Thanks for the tears this morning. I think about Zhu, Solomon, and our baby girl and the tears flow. I think about the babes that needs families and the tears gush. Its so simple. Adopt. Step out in faith. MOVE! I want to bring them ALL home!!

Pam said...

*sigh* I'd love to adopt this beautiful boy. :( Not possible for us right now though. If it were, I'd be jumping right in~

Happiness in Numbers said...

You have such a great heart Stacy. We are in prayer for Zhu and that he too will have a Forever Family soon.

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

I would really really really love to adopt little Zhu. I am praying. Wouldn't it be so neat if he gets adopted by someone close by so that they can still be best friends! If not us, praying it is someone close.