Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet baby girl needs to come home!!!!

I have got to share about one of the most beautiful, godly mama's that I have ever met! Sweet Daleea and her family are awaiting TA for their precious Isabella. Their story is so similar to ours. They have been working very, very hard to bring their baby girl home. I wanted to share with you a few opportunities to help this sweet family. Daleea is making THESE gorgeous bracelets. They are also hosting an AUCTION with new items being added daily. If you have an item you want to donate to her auction, that would be fabulous. Please SPREAD the word so we can see some bids on her goodies!!!! AND they are raffling an IPOD TOUCH here!!

OOHHH and CHECK THIS OUT, you will get an awesome Orphan No More bracelet with your donation...no matter the size of the donation!! I have mine and I LOVE IT!!!

Here is the bottom-line my sweet friends...they NEED $4000 in the next 2-3 WEEKS or they won't be able to travel. YES...I'm saying that their travel will be delayed until they have their final funds.

Will you please join me in prayer for this sweet family...prayer that the funds will come...prayer that precious Isabella won't have to wait one more day for her mama and baba.

I can tell you first had that EVERY $5 helps significantly...that's how our boy came home!!!
Don't forget to stop by Daleea's blog and give her some bloggy love and let her know you are praying!!! Love you guys!!!!

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Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Stacy, you are going to make me cry..... Thank You for all that you are doing to help us ransom our beloved daughter! Thank you for your encouragement and your prayers! I went to bed last night around 2 and I admit had a hard time falling asleep worrying about the money. I need to rest in the Lord... I know He has it all worked out! But the thought of finally being allowed to travel on the 14th or 15th to bring Isabella home and then not being able to go because of money knocks the air out of my lungs. I need to rest in the fact that if the Lord gets us the TA, He will get us the money too!
We are sending one of the silicone bracelets to everyone who makes a donation. Will talk to you soon sister. Praying for your family too.
Love you Big!