Saturday, April 03, 2010

The WINNERS are....

First, Hubby and I would like to thank each and everyone of you for donating to Solomon's raffle. We are in awe of your amazing support!! Truly...we are deeply blessed by you guys! We needed help and you stepped up to help. THANK YOU!!
You guys raised $1045!
(and yes, this is AFTER we
deducted the cost of the IPAD)
Amazing! Thank you, Lord! Isn't God good. He is so clearly providing for our sweet one to come home...I just love it!!!

Now on to the good stuff....

The winner for the Solomon Beads Giveaway is:

The winners for the items #2-13 are as follows:
Item #2 ~ Susan Bradley (Faith Necklace)
Item #3~ Carolyn Alaniz (Bean Pot)
Item #4~ Fernando Mora (Chinese Family purse)
Item #5~ Terri Sharpe (Mark Kay Gift Pack)
Item #6~ Brandon Wright ($25 Mary Kay Gift Cert.)
Item #7~ Melissa Cuevas ($25 Mary Kay Gift Cert.)
Item #8~ Terri Sharpe ($25 Mary Kay Gift Cert.)
Item #9~ Steve Willette (Wild Side Bag)
Item #10~ Cameron Kovacs (Cross Fire Purse)
Item #11~ Steve Willette (Paisley Bow)
Item #12~ Jonni Sergi (Star Bib Clip)
Item #13~ Andrea Thaggard (Ladybug bow)


Congratulations to all the winners! We are so excited for you!
I will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery.

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Ransomed~Redeemed said...

wahoo! I a so excited for you guys! We are praying praying praying your little guy home! Can't wait to do a raffle of my own for you! Love you lots, Alida w5