Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Without Boundaries

Love without Boundaries is an amazing organization that offers humanitarian aid to several orphanages in China and Solomon's is one of the few to be blessed with this gift. He was part of their nutritional program and is now part of their preschool program. The coordinator of his school will post progress reports about the classes and if we are blessed enough, Solomon will be in some of the pictures and some of the video....let's just say we've been very blessed! LWB is unable to share any information about any specific child with waiting families but once he's home we can request any information they have on our little man.

We will be able to make a donation to LWB for a party for Solomon's class...we can't wait. If you have thought about sponsoring a child or making a one-time donation, this is the group to help!!

Where is our baby boy waiting??? JinJiang, Fujian :)


Cameron Kovacs said...

Did you post the video (maybe you can't)...Oh, how exciting that you can peek into Solomon's walking, talking life! Love, Andrea

Suzette said...

How can you find out if your child is sponsored by LWB? I wasn't given any information about this on our daughters file. I see on their blog that they have done work in orphanages in her province but don't know if it is hers or not. Thanks and blessings! Suzette