Thursday, June 04, 2009

WB movie "Orphan"

I urge you, PLEASE take 2 seconds and sign the below petition regarding the upcoming release of the horror film "Orphan"!!! As an adoptive parent (AP), I am so deeply saddened that this movie even exists. For many years AP's have tried to shatter the stereotypes that come with adopting and the children that are being adopted. Please help protect our children and the children waiting so desperately to be adopted into their forever families!!!

Here is a post of a dear bloggy friend...
Many if not all APs have heard by now of the repulsive film titled “Or**an” and set to be released later this month. It baffles the mind to think H-Wood would stoop this low, to make a film like this, but they have. Our adoption agency has started a petition that you can sign here. While I know not all APs agree with the Christian aspects of adoption, I think the intent of our agency is first and foremost to let WB know that we as APs are offended by this movie and by the statements being aired on TV and in theaters. Please consider signing the petition. Their goal is 10,000 signatures. Also, please help spread the word on any Y*hoo groups you are on as well. This petition is open to anyone who feels this film is offensive, whether you are an AP or not. I know my family and many friends find it appalling as well. Let’s let WB know in a very concerted effort that this is just not acceptable, even for a horror film.


Vashti said...

UNREAL!!!!! What the heck is wrong with people??? Im going to go sign. Thanks for making me aware of this. God Bless you and your stunning family.

Elissa said...

i'm not sure how i stumbled onto your blog, but i am so blessed to read your journey. what an inspiration! thanks for sharing about this film. i saw the preview last week and was sickened by it. i have a deep passion for adoption and get so frustrated by how society views the whole process. i added the link to my blog.