Saturday, May 30, 2009

Need your help...

We are working on an Orphan Awareness video for our church and I need your help.  I am in need of pictures.  For example:
~orphanage picture with kiddos
~gotcha moment pictures

We want to represent as many countries, ages, etc. as possible.

Can you share your pictures with us?  If so, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll contact you.  I will moderate the comments so you email address won't be public.



Debbie B said...
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Sarah Dawn said...

We would love to help, but don't have our gotcha day yet! We have served at an HIV orphanage in Kenya and can share some pictures from there. We have tons of our team (and our boys) loving on the babies. Let me know if this will help ...

Sarah Dawn

Mich said...

Jumped over from another blog. Your family is beautiful!

God bless!

God's Girl said...

Oh sure...
Is this video in connection to a specific ministry or just more of an awareness one? Will it be specifically for CCEA or would it work for us to play it at our church??

Just thought I would ask!

Vashti said...

Hi HI! check out our website
and our blog
there is a got ya photo on my blog but Im not sure where. It is one of me calling my mum to tell her that we got Jesse. Jesse is asleep on my arm.
God Bless.

Erica said...

How do you want them sent? I have a whole ton! Gotcha pics, orphange pics, you name it I've got it. Love you. I'll be stopping in the OC on my way to oregon whatcha doing Saturday?

Jill said...

Hey girl!
We are on vacation, but if you email me a reminder, II will get to task as soon as we get home!!! Would love to help!
Hugs, Jill
(And yes..STILL waiting for baby!)

chavafor4 said...

heres my email.

Love to help your slide show. Jenne in OR

steffany said...

I could help.
Let me know.

Jenny said...

I have 3 adoptees from Liberia and have some great photos of surrounding children and gottcha families.