Monday, November 03, 2008


We are less than 24hours away from the most important election in history. I urge you to be on your knees praying for our nation as the election is coming to an end & get your hiney out to vote!!!! Lord, your will be done!!!!

CALIFORNIANS...Vote YES on Prop. 8 to secure the legal definition of marriage, as God designed, between a man & woman.

OUTSIDE of Praying because the outcome of Prop. 8 WILL indeed effect your state.

Yesterday we had a peaceful church demonstration...we had over 400 people. It was sure exciting to have all the honks and thumbs-up of to get them to the polls!!! We also had some not-so-nice gestures but I was proud that everyone continued to wave back and praise our Lord even when some were shouting nasty things. It's just a reminder of how fallen our world truly is...I still can't believe we are having to vote on's unbelievable!!

Your vote DOES count...what are you going to do with it? Will the Lord be pleased with what you did with it?

I AM COUNTING ON MY matter what He chooses to allow!!


Blessed said...


Julee said...

Stacy, those pictures are really cool!

Susanz Place said...

love the pix - yesterday aaron wrote a paper about the rally and why he participated - sounds like a perfect paper to turn into Julian for Social Studies


God's Girl said...

That is so awesome!