Wednesday, November 05, 2008


...."even if #8 doesn't pass, I'm still gonna marry a boy and T is still gonna marry a girl"...this from my 7yr. old daughter. Now, tell me they don't know what's going on!!

I am floored that these words are even coming out of my baby's mouth...completely floored!


Jill said...

So sad that such innocence needs to be ruined by something like this. Here's hoping for good news from California!
(I still have many questions about our next adoption, thanks for being so willing to share!)

Susanz Place said...

Aaron ask me the other day,
"Mom if 8 doesn't pass does that mean I will have to grow up and marry a boy" - needless to say we had a really great conversation - I guess I'm just thankful he said what he did because that tells me he must have been thinking about it for awhile - i live by the wisdom if Bobby and I don't tell him the answers with truth than satan will tell him the info with fear and inticement.

Julee said...

I was amazed at how much the kids were into this election. I also cringed at how often I heard my 5 year old talking about "why would a boy want to marry a boy!" The kids christian friends were talking about it and they were all telling their non-chrisitan friends about it. They say a lot of people were interested in the election this time and they weren't kidding.

It's sad when the times are so bad that our children not only hear about these things, but they know their parents are having to fight against it. Then again, maybe that isn't so bad?

I always wonder what it was like to raise kids as christians in say like ancient Rome... I can't even imagine on the other hand, maybe it's not so hard to imagine after all. :)

Strange times we live in! :)

Blessed said...

The other day we were driving down the freeway and, from the back seat, Dustin says "Mom, if Prop 8 doesn't pass, will you and Dad have to get a divorce?" "Oh, no." I say. "Does it mean that men and women won't be able to marry each other anymore? Does it mean men will have to marry men and women will have to marry women?"

It's obvious they see and hear all!

It's so sad we are having to have these adult conversations with our young children.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Wow. That is all I can say! My kids haven't a clue about this yet... and my oldest is 10.


Jonni said...

Wow, that is some big stuff for kiddos to have to deal with at their age huh?