Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Birthmother Baby Shower

Hello my sweet friends!! We are about 4 months away from our newest peanut being born. The pregnancy seems to be going well and the baby is healthy and strong. Continued prayers for protection would be greatly coveted!

I have been asked by a few friends if they could throw us a baby blessed am I?? This will be treasure #8 and friends and family are still wanting to shower it.

After much praying, we've decided to do something a little different...
Our hearts are very burdened for "L"...

We want to shower our birthmama!!  
Without going into too many details, I will simply say that we want our birthmama to feel loved...cherished...worthy...prayed for...supported...these are things she has not experienced very much in her life.  We are helping with some of her financial needs but we are realizing that some of her basic needs, like food, are not being met.

So here is our hope...we want to flood her with...
~cards of love and encouragement (doesn't have to be anything fancy)(you can even email me your little note & I'll put it in a card for you)
~a gift basket full of goodies that will make her feel special and pampered during the rest of the pregnancy (you can send items for the basket or I can pick them up)(do you sell Mary Kay...Scentsy...purses, etc.)
~gift cards to wal-mart so she can buy the food she needs and any other things she might need that we don't know about.

If you feel led to help us love on our baby's birthmama (she is also Jubilee's bmama), feel free to email me at

This will be a 'virtual' show so feel free to contact me with any questions!!!  Our hopes are to send everything to her by early to mid-Sept.  "L" is 39 so that may help you as you decide what you'd like to bless her with.

You can also use the chip-in button on the right hand side and all those funds will go towards a gift card. If you do that, if you would be willing to email me a little note to her...I will put it in a card for you.

Can't wait to watch the Lord pour His love on her through each of you!!!


Laura said...

LOVE This!!!!!

Unknown said...

Have you checked out They actually have a whole community for birthmothers. The baskets include a tshirt, necklace with the baby's birthdate on it, care package for the "lady bits" after birth and all kinds of things to show that they are cherished and supported. It was started by a birthmother and is just amazing. :)

fivekidz said...

would love to send a quilted throw

Annie said...

What a beautiful idea to bless her! I know the time is drawing near! You must be so excited!