Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Far too long!! has been far too long since I've posted.  I was thinking about what has kept me away and it has simply been life!  I miss each of you....I miss reading your blogs!!!

HOW are you??? Please catch me up...what has the Lord been doing?

We are all doing incredible. We've been keeping busy with school and extra activities...I've been busy taking care of my babes, trying my best to support my hubby's business (need a website...he's your guy ;), training for a marathon (which is this weekend), Jubilee's Jewels....Oh my what an incredible blessing Jubilee's Jewels has been. Our focus has really shifted to helping fundraising families and it's been AMAZING!!! Last month we were able to give $1200 to fundraising families and it looks like we will do the same and possibly more this month. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!

We are 21 days away from little miss Jubilee turning 1...YES...ONE!!!  I seriously can't believe how fast this year has gone! Oh how I love this girl...she has been one of the most amazing gifts...she is an absolute hoot!

So seriously, please leave me a comment with how you are doing...I would really love to know...I would also love to know if I can pray for you!!!


Michelle G said...

Sounds wonderful! Can't believe she's 1 already! :)
We could use prayer for our family - I know you're super busy - but if you get the chance - we're in a season of transitions....some small some HUGE. Change may be good...but it ain't always easy! :)

Jewels of My Heart said...

You are one busy mama! That is wonderful about Jubilee's Jewels! You go girl!!!!! Keep shining bright sister!
Love you,

Brittany said...

Almost one year old, WOW! Your sweet Jubilee is an amazingly cute baby. If you could pray for my family that would be awesome. We especially need prayer for one of our new referrals, a newborn baby girl! We were informed that even with mosquito nets, she would almost definitely get malaria, and because she is so young they cannot give her the medicine that have to help her body fight it off.


*Overflowing* said...

Michelle and Brittany...YES, I will most definitely be praying for you guys!!! NEVER to busy to pray!! Will you keep me posted? Hugs ladies and thank you for asking for prayer!!

Jolene said...

So good to see you on again! I know your super busy with your fabulous brood!

I'll have an update soon on our adoption and it will truly take the hand of God to finish funding our adoption...anyway, I'll update soon on the blog.

*Overflowing* said...

Daleea you so much and miss you!!!!

*Overflowing* said...

Can't wait for the update Jolene! God's plans are mighty!!!! Your babes will be home soon!

Joy said...

So glad you are doing well!!! I love reading your updates and what you are doing for the littles around the world that God has brought to your path!!

Thank you so very much for the time you spent talking to me about your adoption agency. You blessed me so very much through our conversation!! We did not have peace to proceed with the agency...not because it isn't wonderful...I am completely positive it is and would highly suggest it to those seeking one. But God started leading us down a different path:)

We are in the process of adopting a 12 year old boy from the Philippines!! You can see an adoption video of our story on give1save1 after 10am today:) We are walking in blind faith for the finances of this journey and know that where God guides...HE provides!! We are praying that God will move mountains and our video link will go viral on Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.. HE is so faithful!!!!

Dawn said...

Yes, you can pray for me and my family. I found out 2 months ago I have breast cancer. So right now I'm post surgery getting ready for chemo... Then radiation... Thanks...