Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can it be....

Is it even possible to be more amazed after my post yesterday?????

Okay...so I should be schooling the kiddos right now but I can't...I can't stop singing praises to my Lord...I just got off the phone with the insurance dept. regarding our trip to Cincy for Solomon. I wanted to figure out how much we would need while we were there so we could pray very specifically. But our God is amazing....we will not need ANYTHING while we are there. They will first bill our insurance and then bill us once we are home. So, we will have most likely have some steep bills BUT I won't need those funds to be able to get Solomon the care he needs. The bills will come later.

Ahhhh, all of the beautiful pieces the Lord has bought together...
~His promise to provide every penny for our adoption costs
...we knew it would be a long journey of total faith...we knew He would provide what we needed exactly when we needed it...not ahead of time and nothing extra...we knew He would be providing all the way up until we boarded the plane and He did....we were literally receiving funds while we were flying to China...our money for the plane tickets came in 24 hours before we were suppose to board the plane

~His promise to provide insurance for our son with 'pre-exisiting' conditions
...our travel to bring him home was delayed and we were so sad BUT THAT DELAY allowed us to land home on Sept. 17th...on Sept. 23rd the new policies re: pre-exsisting conditions in children changed and our baby boy was approved for health insurance...health insurance that made Cincinnati IN-NETWORK!!! Health insurance that we could afford!

~His promise to provide for our travel and medical expenses
...He provided enough frequent flyer miles through a friend that our tickets didn't cost us anything!! He's allowing our insurance to be billed first for Solomon's 2 week trip at Cincinnati hospital...no money needed up front!!
...He continues to allow our beads to be sold as a way to provide for those extra costs

Please be encouraged...if God has called you to bring your child home, He will provide...REST and TRUST in His perfect plan....rest & trust the He will provide in HIS way and in HIS timing. Allow yourself to be molded & shaped for His glory. It might be a little painful & scary but what better hands could you be in??


Jennifer said...

AMAZING! What wonderful news. Now you can focus completely on Solomon and getting him the care that he needs. God is so good!

Anonymous said...

Praising God along with you! Thank you for encouraging your "sistah's" in Christ! Love you, Andrea Kovacs

Anita said...

OK...now I'm crying again my sweet friend....your words today are from the Lord....He will provide all the rest for Kaleb, too!! ALL OF IT!! Thanks for going ahead of us on this journey of adoption to remind of God's faithfulness and provisions.

Jewels of My Heart said...

I love you sister and I love seeing God move in your life! Thank you for sharing your family's journey and giving God all the glory! Just as it should be!
Thank You Jesus for your provisions!
praying my friend....
love you,

Annette said...

It is so amazing to watch how God constantly provides for His children! What a sweet answer to prayer to see how God provided for your trip and medical needs! Thank you Lord for blessing our sweet friends!

Lisa said...

Praise God....Praise God..... He is faithful.