Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of spending all day with Jubilee's bmom, "L".  We started with breakfast and ended up at the hospital :)

An extremely LLOONNGG story short..."L" is at 3cm...they could feel baby girl's head...they ordered a ton of blood tests and did an ultrasound. Everything looks fantastic...baby is officially due in F-I-V-E DAYS although we are hoping she won't wait that long :)  Jubilee is measuring 8lbs. already!!!!! Because "L" hasn't seen the same dr. for her prenatal care, no one will induce her...they don't want the liability...booooo!

It was a very long day but I got to sit for hours and hours just listening to our sweet girl's heartbeat and ooohhhh, to see her gorgeous face...it was priceless. She has a little petite nose and beautiful angel lips. I wish they would have given me a copy of the ultrasound but alas, I'm just the adoptive mom...they actually didn't even give one to "L"...if they had, I have no doubt she would have given it to me.

I am so thankful to have the entire day with "L"...it was truly a gift!!!  I'll keep you all posted...keep praying...ohhh, we are only $600 away from our first need...God is sooo good!!! His faithfulness to provide leaves me in awe!!!

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