Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember precious Meadow??

Do you guys remember this precious bugga-boo??

Sweet Meadow's family is paperchasing like crazy to bring her home but our baby girl is sick...very sick and needs to have surgery ASAP!!!!!!!  I received this update from her foster mama:

Meadow went to the doctor again this week (I think we're going to have to start paying rent at the hospital). They were able to do the GI test that we've been waiting for, and discovered a blockage where her stomach and intestine meet. They want to do surgery to fix the problem, and will “schedule” it (I use that term loosely) sometime the week of May 9th. We're looking at a 10 day hospital stay.  It's first come, first serve, so we'll have to check her into the hospital then they'll put her on a waiting list for the surgery, which could take up to 3 days. Once our name is called, she'll have surgery, then stay for another 7 days or so. This will be a difficult time for us as a family, since hospitals here are very different from hospitals in the States.  The families of the patient are responsible for everything.  We will have to provide: food/formula for Meadow, diapers and wipes, bathing accessories (tub, washcloth and soap), etc.  Pretty much, anything she needs, we will have to provide (not to mention, our own needs: meals, water, toilet paper, etc).  One of us will be required to be with her at all times. There aren't any bathrooms in the rooms, so it makes leaving to go to the bathroom difficult.  (We are not allowed to leave her side). Although we are anticipating a difficult season, we're beyond thrilled that our little Meadow is finally getting the help she needs. The estimated cost for her surgery is 20,000rmb (approx. $3,000.00US), plus various other expenses (IV's, tests, blood work, special soy formula, etc) .  As you can see, this is a very large expense for us, and we are trusting the Lord to provide for Meadow's medical care.  In order to receive care at the hospital, we have to pay upfront (it's not a “treatment now, pay later” system).  Would you pray and see if the Lord wants to use you to help cover some of her expenses?  Please commit to pray for her before and during her operation.  Also pray for extra grace for our children, since one of us will be gone from home for at least 10 days.  We have lots of friends here who are going to pitch in and help us.  We're so blessed to be surrounded by such a generous community of believers.

*If you would like to donate to help cover the cost of Meadow's medical care, you can click on “send gift” on the homepage of our website:    IF YOU NEED A TAX RECEIPT, your donation can be sent to our organization.  Make checks payable to Youth With A Mission.  Make sure our name is NOT anywhere on the check.  Include a separate note that states the money is for Peter and Jennifer Peissner (Meadow).  Mail to:
Peter and Jennifer Peissner
c/o Youth With A Mission
PO BOX 790237
Paia, HI  96779

Meadow's foster mama said that several people have already contacted her about fundraising so the greatest need is to pray for this precious girl.  If you do feel led to give, please do but Jennifer's biggest request is for prayer!

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