Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One more UPDATE before...

3/11 UPDATE: We are ONLY $85 AWAY!!!!!!!!

I hit the ground racing for baby Heather!  I AM ONLY $365 away from reaching my goal for her surgery!!!!

4 months ago, I began training for a full marathon...26.2 (and DON'T forget the .2 either!!)  Many people asked me why in the world would I want to do something like that...wwweeelllll....it's all for HER........
Ohhhh, just look at her beautiful smile! Sweet baby Heather needs to have surgery for her cleft lip and palate. Because she also has Hep B, special care needs to be taken when & where she can have her surgery which is why I am raising funds for her.  Babies that are cleft affected often have a hard time receiving proper nutrition because they can't drink from a normal bottle. Because of this, the nannies have to spoon feed them their formula and it's very time consuming!

Sooo, to help raise the remaining funds, I am doing a Love Offering Raffle!!! For every $5 donated, you have a chance to win one of our
...they are sooooo cooool :)
Don't forget ALL donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Click here to donate and I'll enter you in the drawing to win one of these...
Hurry on over and love on this sweet baby girl who's basic need is something we would never deny our own child. We are talking Pure Religion folks...caring for the fatherless...James 1:27
Love you guys!
Side note: It has been brought to my attention that when a sponsor receives a thank you note, it states that their donation went into the general account. This is for tax purposes only. Please rest assured that your donations are going to directly Baby Heather's surgery.

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Jewels of My Heart said...

Love your bags, love your heart and love what you are doing!
God bless the children.
Oh! and I love you too!