Monday, September 27, 2010


I: Mom....I don't think Solomon feels very good.
Me: Why, what's wrong?
I: I think his tummy hurts.
Me: Were you spinning him on the chair?
I: Yes...we were spinning him really fast.
TR: I wasn't spinning him...
I: You were spinning him faster than I did.

I pick up my boy and he's holding his tummy & laying his head on my shoulder. He then charades that he was spinning in the chair and pointing to his tummy.

(Now, they were all spinning each other...they LOVE it but apparently our boy get's motion sickness like his mama...poor bubba :) He recovered very quickly and sat & laughed & laughed at his brothers and sisters as they continued to spin each other :)


Erica said...

Poor buddy!!!

Anita said...

Awww....poor guy. I guess no Tilt-a-Whirl rides in his future. ;)

Unknown said...

We can feel your pain. We can't go anywhere without taking motion sickness pills. Even with those we carry a bucket "just in case." Hope he feels better quickly. Don't you just love the sweet little charades?

Debb said...

Oohhhh.....poor buddy. Hoping he is feeling fine now!

Anonymous said...

My guess?? The spinning (chairs, playground sets, swings, Sit-N-Spins...) will all be too enticing, and S may find the fun too irresistible before he remembers how it makes his tummy feel :)
Me? Just the thought of it makes me ill!
Miss you guys!
Love~Andrea Kovacs

Hezra said...

poor baby. I know how he feels! I get so sick. That sad thumbsucking face is so sweet.