Monday, July 05, 2010

Celebratin' the 4th

We had a FABULOUS 4th! It was a beautiful, full day at the beach!! We spent the whole day playin' with dh's family and our dearest friends who were in town for a very short time!
The boyzzz...
The youngest grandbaby, my nephew
My beautiful SIL.
My neice
My neice
The twins!
My big boy :)
My baby girl!
My biggest boy and my niece!
My biggest girl and my niece :)
My man.
I pray each of you enjoyed your 4th...a day to reflect and enjoy the freedom's that so many have died to protect. Our appreciation for our military is beyond words. Thank you for protecting our land...thank you for loving our America & all it was founded on enough to sacrifice your life.

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trina said...

I looked twice at your little c-3's picture, the first one. She looks so much like Alaina with her piggies. Cute, cute. All the pictures of the day are great. :)