Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The process...

Dh & I felt clearly called to IA, again.
Of course, we are using NCA.
Our ds found us through a sn/wc email.
Immediately sent our LOI to CCAA requesting PA to adopt ds.
Began our HS and
tried not to pester our sweet sw to hurry things along.
We need our HS so we can submit our I800A to the NBC at USCIS.
Once we have USCIS approval, we can be DTC and
Get the magic LID.
All the while stalking RQ while we wait for our
LOA, I800, for NVC to send cable, & article 5 AND
Ultimately get our TA and CA!!!

And THAT is the adoption process in a nutshell :)
Just found this new picture of our happy boy!


Hezra said...

ha ha, is that english?? lol

Erica said...

Love it. Love you. Can't wait to see sweet Solomon in your arms.

Linda said...

Love that adorable face. Keep posting more!

And while you're at it, post the translation to all the acronyms so we mortals can understand what's going on. ;-)

Love you!

Jill said...

Oh my does he look so handsome and FUN! Can't wait to see him HOME!

blessedmomto8 said...

I'm totally "down" with your lingo :) I understood it all and HE IS PRECIOUS!

Michal said...

Frightening that I actually understood all that! :)

Happiness in Numbers said...
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Happiness in Numbers said...

Okay, I think you've been watching DH play WOW too much. STACY, YOU'RE TALKING IN IM.... LOL

Our family: said...

So funny!

I am so glad that I have been blessed by adoption so that means I actually can interpret adoption language! (except for the new Hague lingo that is!)

too cute!