Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Can anyone help this precious baby boy?? I'm in tears...this precious baby...ohhh, his sweet birthmama....He has the same medical needs as Solomon! Please read his story and pray that the funds can be raised asap...he will die if he can't have medical care. Please read this LWB blog entry!

Please be praying for this sweet one and his mama!!!

CHECK OUT THIS UPDATE ON BABY COREY! GOD IS GOOD!!! Just love it when we can see the Lord moving!


Jennifer and Matt said...

Oh Stacy, this is heart breaking. Thank you for sharing this. I'm praying for everyone that is involved.

No Greater Gift Mom said...

Oh my. Tears. Praying for all involved and especially for the healing of both birthmom and baby. I'll share.
In Him,

Debbie Sauer said...

Oh I know! I was really praying for them when I first saw it. I guess an uncle has stepped forward to help out. Blessings.